Cord of Wood

Cord of Wood

This cord of wood calculator will tell you how much wood you have in a stack of firewood. Simply enter the dimensions of your stack in feet and hit calculate.

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Cord of Wood
A full 4x4x8 foot cord of wood.

What is a cord? There are differences between the way many people measure firewood, but a true legal cord of wood is 128 cubic feet of stacked wood.

To calculate a cord of wood simple multiply Width x Height x Length and divide that by 128. That will tell you how many cords you have.

There are several common measurements for firewood used in the USA. The only official measurement, and in many areas the only legal measurement is a cord. There is a huge difference between a full cord of wood and other types of cords, like a face cord, a rick and a fireplace cord.

A lot of consumers are confused by these different measurements and end up getting a lot less wood than they were expecting. Knowing how much firewood is in a full cord, and the differences between these measurements, will help ensure you are actually getting the amount of wood you are paying for. Learn about the differences between these different firewood measurements.

How much is a cord of wood?

A cord of wood (sometimes misspelled “chord”, which is the spelling of a musical chord) is any dimension of stacked wood that will add up to 128 cubic feet. This measurement is derived from the common firewood dimension of a 4’x4’x8′ stack.

Wood that is not stacked and instead thrown into a loose pile has more air space between the spaces so it would require different measurements. This article assumes the firewood is neatly stacked.

To measure a stack of wood, get the height, width and depth in feet. Multiply these three numbers together. This will tell you how many cubic feet you have. Since a cord is 128 cubic feet, divide the number of cubic feet in your stack by 128. That will tell you how many cords you have.

height x width x depth ÷ 128 = cords

The common dimension to get a cord of wood is 4’x4’x8 but there are many dimensions that will add up to 128 cubic feet. Examples are 2x4x16 and 1x4x32.

Using full feet for the width can be a problem since standard length for pieces of firewood is usually 16 inches. So a stack of 16″ firewood can only be 16″ wide or a multiple of 16.

In other words when stacking standard 16″ firewood the width of your dimension will be based on the number of stacks or rows.

1 stack = 16″ wide

2 stacks side by side = 32″ wide

3 stacks side by side = 48″ or 4′ wide.

The standard 4x4x8 dimension would be 3 stacks 4′ high and 8′ long.

Here are the cord of wood dimensions based on the number of stacks.  These dimensions assume you have 16″ pieces stacked 4′ high.

1 stack = 16″x4’x24′

2 stacks = 32″x4’x12′

3 stacks = 4’x4’x8′

4 stacks = 64″x4’x6′

These measurements assume there is no space between the stacks. If you have space between the stacks, which a few inches of space is recommended for air circulation, these of course will have to be factored in.

Cord of wood dimensions will be different if the wood is not stacked. In a loose pile, wood pieces will be more random so they will take up more space than pieces stacked together tightly. It’s hard to get an accurate measurement with a heaping pile but consider around 180 cubic feet for the cord of wood dimensions of unstacked wood.

In any stack of wood there is going to be air space between the pieces. The more tightly stacked the wood is, the more solid wood you will have in a cord of wood. Some people like to criss-cross the wood when they stack it. This can sometimes help in drying and is a way to stabilize the ends. This is fine, except for when it comes to measuring the wood, there will be more air space between the pieces and less solid wood in a cord. For a loose unstacked pile of wood the air space will be even greater. In this case you can figure around 180 cubic feet per cord.

The amount of solid wood in a cord can depend on the size and shapes of the pieces and who stacks it. One person may be better at stacking and will be able to fit more pieces in a cord. Because of this, firewood measurements are not exact. You may get a load of wood that measures out to be a full cord on the truck, but then when you stack it, it may measure out be a few cubic feet more or less. This may be just from differences in fitting the pieces together. Some honest wood sellers may add on a little extra wood just to account for this.

Cord of wood dimensions are easy to measure when wood is stacked, but not so easy if it is not stacked. This is one reason to buy wood from someone who stacks the wood on the delivery truck so you can measure the wood and verify the dimensions before they unload it.

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112 thoughts on “Cord of Wood”

  1. I have a stack of firewood 16 ft. long 7 ft High and wood run between 15-16 inch long how much would I have there, also can you tell me how to figure this if I went with 15.5 inch wood thank you JOE

  2. Hey Joe,

    First thing we need to do is turn your 15.5 inches into feet. Since a foot is 12″ we can get that by dividing 15.5 by 12. That gives us 1.29 feet for the width of the stack. Now multiply height x width x depth 7×1.29×16. This gives 144.48 cubic feet. Since a cord of wood is 128 cubic feet, we take your cubic foot volume of the stack, 144.48 and divide it by 128. This gives you 1.12875 cords. I would round that off to 1.1 cords.

  3. Hi.
    my local nursery is advertising a Firewood sale…
    4′ X 8′ X 18″ for $179.98

    If I’m correct in my math, that’s 48 cubic feet (.375 % of a cord).

    Seems a lot for apx 1/3 of a cord, Is that a good price?


  4. You are correct with your math. That comes out to around $530 per cord. Where are you located? The price of firewood varies depending on what part of the country you are in, I sell wood for $350 per cord where I am, and that is delivered. I would shop around, that sounds very high.

  5. Admin
    I am from New Hampshire. Most cord wood is thrown on a truck not stacked.
    Is there a measurement for thrown on wood for 16″,18″ & 24″.
    Thanks Joe

  6. Hey Joe,

    If the wood is thrown in the truck, just measure the dimensions of the space that the wood takes up in the truck. Figure around 180 cubic feet per cord. Multiply width x depth x height gives you cubic feet. If there are wheel wells or other things in the bed that take up space, subtract the space they take up. Divide the total volume by 180. That will give you a rough cord estimate. It is hard to get an accurate measurement with wood that is not stacked. The length of the pieces should not matter in a loose pile.

  7. What is a fair price for a cordf of wood in 16″ pcs but not split. It is dry aged oak… I am located in Southeastern Masssachusetts What’s a good price based on 5 to 6 cords.

  8. I have a f-250 with an 8ft bed. If I tightly stacked wood in the bed, how much could I expect to charge for a load? I live in western N.C., Asheville. Thanks

  9. If you stack it to the top of the bed that would be about a half cord. You would have to check your local area for prices and it depends on what kind of wood it is and if it is dry or not.

  10. I live in southeast Georgia and have several cords (4X4X8) of seasoned oak firewood. What is the going price for a single cord of firewood in this area? Plus, what are the dimensions of a “rick” of wood?

  11. I am being taught to measure our woodcutters load like:
    4’2= 4.17 7.9= 7.75 8
    4.17x 7.75x 8= 258.54 = 2.02 cords

    Am I being taught correctly? There have been ones who are very upset with me because of how the measurements are being done. but this is how the program has requested it to be done. I came on this site and noticed that it is 4 x 4 x 8 for a cord of wood. I am getting confused now. thank you.

  12. I cut my wood in 18″ lengths. Please advise how high, wide, and long for 1 cord? Sorry, I don’t do math.

  13. Oh, I live in Central Texas. Can you tell me how much I to charge for a cord of Hackberry firewood?

  14. I’m I wrong? 5’x 10’x 32″ is 125 cubic feet or a shade less than 1 cord of wood.

  15. I don’t know what you are doing with the top numbers but the bottom numbers are right in coming out to a little over 2 cords.

  16. The information on this site is the best explanation of a cord of wood that I have found on the internet. Simple and well put together.
    Thanks Admin

  17. HEY THERE, how many cords of wood will i get in an area 16 ftx 6ftx 6ft..thank you very much..barrie

  18. I just had two standard pickup loads delivered a few weeks ago. Due to weather conditions and other issues, like Hurricane Irene, I wasn’t able to finish stacking it until this past weekend. Like someothers have stated a standard bed of a pickup is usually 4’wide x 2’high by 8’long makint this 62 cubic feet or one half a cord. The wood delivered was not stacked in the bed of the pickup but thrown happhazardly. I stacked it and upon measuring it I received approximately 96 cubic feet or 2/3 of a cord. This makes perfect sense with all of the wasted space that occurs when the wood is not stacked. I live in NE Pennsylvania and paid $150 for 2/3 of a cord. I called and complained and will receive another pickup load giving me one cord based on 3 loads. Hope this helps.

  19. We have two rows, 21ft long, 6ft high, wood length is 16″. Can you tell me how many cords I have so I can determine how much more I need to buy?

    Thank you very much!

  20. HEY THERE, how many cords of wood will i get in a space 16 ftx 7ft x 7ft. i think i can figure out this one but would like a professional opinion..thanks again …BARRIE

  21. HEY THERE,another question about amount of wood in these dimensions 16ft x 7ft x 6ft. every time i ask someone up here they have a different answer..thanks again..BARRIE

  22. Hi we live in arkansas and hav wood tightly stacked in 4ft high 32ft long cut 16-18 in. We sell that cord for 125 here that sound good to you?

  23. That does not sound good to me. Producing a cord of wood is too much work to charge only 125. I wouldn’t do it for less than double that.

  24. Hey I have a few questions for a class I am taking that I was hoping someone could help with.

    1.compute the volume, in standard cords, of the following stack of wood: 16ftx80ftx8ft

    2.assume 30% is air, how many cu.ft. of solid wood in 1 cord?

    3.compute the total volume and total value for the following item of lumber: 139 pieces 3in.x6in.x16ft@$228.50perMBF

    4. If the volume of a log from a log rule table was found to be 35bd.ft, but volume of the boards sawn from that log totaled 42bd.ft, what is the overrun/underrun percent?

  25. Barrie, He explained how to figure out the dimensions. 16x7x6=672
    If the wood is stacked divide 672 by 128(cubic Ft of 1cord stacked)=5.25 cords.
    If it is NOT stacked divine 672 by 180(cubic Ft of 1 cord unstacked)=3.73 cords.

  26. Admin,
    Just so you know. Your information is the best i found on how to figure the dimensions. Thank you for posting.

    Everyone else,
    Stop before you post read what is posted. Admin answered your question somewhere. And if it wasnt answered read the postings anyways and try to figure it out with out being lazy. Use your brain.

  27. Barrie–You should have room for 5.25 cords of wood. A cord takes up 128 cu. ft. of space. Your space has 672 cu. ft. (16x7x6) /128 =5.25 cords

  28. I live in Woodstock, NY. My neighbor charges $220.00 for a cord of 18″ wood. Stacked and delivered free within a 10 mile round trip radius.

  29. In suburban Rochester NY. I lived for over 30 years. Wood is sold by the face cord 8ftx4ft(high)x16inches long.
    A full cord would be stacked 4ftx8ftx48inches or 3 logs of 16inch length. If you get more than 16inch logs you are making out. I now live in texas and they are crazy they are telling me that two stacks 4x8x16inch are a cord. They are ripping people off here and they also sell it delivered which they say means delivered unloaded and stacked. They also use a term half cord. We never used that term in NY it was always a face cord or a full cord. They said a face cord was a rick. but they don’t sell it that way. what is the going price for seasoned hardwood in the central texas area. and what dimension. I will be cutting wood with a partner and want to offer a fair price but don’t want to be taken advantage of.

  30. I have half face cord log rack that measures 45″Wx45″Hx13″D. I want to how many of these I need to make a full cord. I don’t want to rip any off

  31. I just finished piling up the wood that came down in the freak October snowstorm. It’s mostly small stuff – between 2 and 6 inches in diameter, cut to lenghts of approximately 18 inches. It’s piled up in a heap that is essentially the shape of a half sphere with a radius of about 4 feet. So I estimate the volume to be 134 cubic feet, or 1/2 of 4/3*Pi*R^3

  32. i just had a cord delivered and they stacked it in a circle. the wood is 14 inches long.
    the pile is 36 to 40 inches tall and the diameter averages 68 to 70 inches across. did i get a cord?
    it looks small to me. please help
    p.s. i live in so. cal and a mixed cord was $310 this year!

  33. Harriet, I’d say you got short-changed big time. I’d estimate that you only got about half a cord, based on a half sphere with a radius of 3 feet.

    BTW, I have to say that the inability of people to calculate simple volumes is a sad indictment of our education system.

  34. That is if wood were liquid and could fill all the area. There is at least at 20% loss due to wood being solid and can not fill all the space in a 4 by 4 by 8 area.

  35. Alan, I’d say the first part of your answer is where you should have stopped.

    Adding that portion about the education system was a personal statement that you might feel strongly about, but it was unwarranted and a waste of time, let alone unkind, to post it here.

    In short
    you were kind in the first portion of your post,
    but then turned into a kind of jerk.

  36. 2 pickup loosely loaded above the bed rails is bought a 1.2 cord delivered I would chard at least $300 -350 for type wood!Flat out it playing hard work.I’ve been cutting wood 17yrs would sell one load and haven’t to much work an money involded saw.spliter,truck GAS PRICES NOW. Mike

  37. It would seem Alan is correct about the education system. After all the help he has offered here, it is a small allowance to afford sharing of his personal opinion.

  38. for the most part,i don’t think this has as much to do with our education as it does with personal charachter. a lot f people would rather ask than guess and be incorrect. furthermore, a lot of people are terrified of math and problem solving. i personally found it refreshing to be reminded of math i haven’t used in 25 years and with a bit of practice, i’ll feel confident that i’m not being taken advantage of when i buy firewood.

  39. I had just delivered a cord of wood to gentleman and he had me stack it in 2 rows. He measured it and called me and said I shorted him 11 cubic feet. The wood is cut 18″ long. I want my customers to be happy but having trouble figuring how many pieces would make 11 cubic ft. Thank you.

  40. I have to agree with Alan. It is sad that people connot multiply three numbers together. How do they know that their paycheck is right?

  41. I keep getting shorted by my wood delivery people.
    I’m I doing something wrong in my measurements?
    I stacked it in a single row 4.2 H x 18.5 L 16D. I have it marked with wood to where is should be high so I know its a cord.. it didn’t meet that mark.
    I come out with 103 cubic ft. The delivery person said if I stacked it 4x4x8 or three rows it would be exactly 128.

    I’m so confused. Is this some new modern math or something?

    128 cubic feet is a cord anyway you measure it correct? His logs were cut tight I say 14 avg but I gave him 16 so I feel better.

    Want to be fair but who zoomin who here.

  42. According to your measurements, you are correct at 103 cubic feet. It doesn’t matter how you stack it, one row or 3, 128 cubic feet is 128 cubic feet. And if they average 14″ long, that’s more like 93 cubic feet. I would say you are well short of a cord.

  43. I’m fairly new at selling firer wood and just picked up a lot of 16″ rounds. I was wondering how many 16″ rounds does it take to make a cord?

  44. I have a pickup, 5.5′ x 8′ and loaded it with 14″ long rounds placed on end one level high. Fairly tight fit but fender wells on the inside. All that is probably irrelevant. Time on my hands so I measured diameter of each round and came up with 41.8 cubic feet of solid wood (pi x radius squared x 14″). How close to a full cord of split wood might this be? These will be split what I’d call a ‘normal’ size. I’m guessing 30% air so it would be about 60/64ths?

  45. Is a cord measured differently in New Zealand? I just bought a cord that when stacked measures only 18x4x1 (72 cu. ft.). Only caveat is that it was a mix of some normal cordwood, but a little over half of it is off-cuts (basically 2×4 lumber, 12″ in length) which stacks very tightly, of course. Is this still acceptable as a full cord?

  46. Hi just found this site and would love to have you answer this question, my husband is looking to sell off some of our wood to a friend but he doesn”t want to have to split it first. So we want to know what demensions we should use for a face cord of unsplit hard wood. Just a little background each year we get 20 cords of maple and oak logs delivered most of these are fireplace size so they may only need to be split in half to be used. Husband just wants to build a rack to fill as a guide to a face cord for selling a few face cords. just so you know we live in Michigan and we only pay 80.00 a cord for hardwood logs here. Thanks Karen

  47. A face cord is usually considered to be 8 feet wide and 4 feet long, or the equivalent. Any dimension that adds up to a face with 32 square feet of surface area. It shouldn’t matter if the pieces are split or not.

  48. How many cord firewood I will have, when I have a 6` long and 20″ diameter log? Please send me the calculation. Thanks

  49. im looking to sell firewood in the north ga area, im located in the cleveland hwy accross from the Tomato House, any one from white or lumpkin county knows where that is. im in a really big bind, and need money quite bad. i have a 9 month old son and my mower shop just is not bringing in the money required to feed a family. i have lots of oak and hickory, some of it is in really good shape, some cant be used. ill be selling it at $35 a stack. a stack is about 50 pieces of good seasoned wood.

  50. I run a full-time woodlot in Heber Arizona and around here most people deliver a “cord” as a well rounded truck-load with no wood racks. This usually comes out to around 2/3 to 3/4 cord. To get an honest 128 cubic foot cord you need woodracks on your delivery truck! An honest cord is tightly stacked wood filling up a bed with racks all the way up.(on my 7 foot bed)
    Needs to be filled about 3 inches short of all the way up on my 8 foot bed.

  51. I’m a woodchuck. And I chuck wood. So how much wood can I chuck if I chuck all of this woodpile? I can not handle a ruler or tape measure since I don’t have thumbs. So I don’t have any dimensions. Oh, and I don’t do math because my brain is the size of a peanut. I really don’t even see in color, as far as I know… COME ON, THIS ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE. LEARN BASIC MATH. Holy cow.

  52. Wood is stacked tight on home-made trailer, measurements are inches, 64″wide x 126″long x 16″high. I figure .608 of a cord. What do you figure?

  53. wood is stacked on homemade trailer, measurements in inches are 64″W x 126″L x 16″H. I figure .608 of a cord… what do you figure?

  54. Around here, Oregon, prices vary upon location much as Admin has stated. Anywhere from $110 you come and get to $350 for Sweaty guy delivery. Check you local craigslist and the food stores bulletin boards(the little tear off numbers) for folks and prices. Now for the math. Click Start…Click “Run” …Type in C A L C …smack the enter key, enter your dimensions and Viola you have your cubic feet. Type of wood will factor into price as well, weed trees (Alder) will normally be cheaper than Fir and Oak. Keep on burning and thanks Admin for being an uber patient person.

  55. Hi,

    I have a log holder 24 feet long and 4 feet high that just holds a single row of wood. How many cords to fill this?


  56. Very good site and thank you for having it available. Was wondering how to report the scammers that sell bogus cords. Is there any recommendations?

    The calculator you supplied is very helpful. Is there any calculators for Holz Hausen’s? Can’t use the ole Pi r squared because of the gradual taper at the top.

  57. Thanks for the comments Murph. You can report the less than honest firewood dealers to your local weights and measures department. Just a couple months ago I had a guy come out and buy some wood from me. It just happened that he was our local weights and measures agent. He said they get a lot of calls from people who have been ripped off by wood cutters. He said that when he contacts the firewood dealers in question they are usually cooperative and make things right with the customer. He also said he thinks in most cases these firewood dealers are not trying to rip people off, a lot of them just don’t know how to properly measure and calculate a cord of wood. That may be the case with some but I am guessing a lot of them know how to play dumb when they are caught.

    But it was kind of funny, we were loading up his trailer and stacking it to the 1/3 cord we had it measured out to be. I usually add a little more wood on just to be safe and for good business. But I could tell he was a little uncomfortable with taking more than the exact amount.

    I don’t know of any holz hauzen calculator. If it is a consistent taper I would think you could take a measurement of the circle at the bottom and one at the top. If you use Pi r squared with both of those measurements and then figure out the average of those two figures. You could even take a measurement in the middle and throw that into the average. Mutiply the average diameter by height and that should give you something close to the volume.

  58. Yes, I cut firewood 14″ long and if I stack the wood 4ft high, how long should the pile be for one cord of wood? I never was very good at this type of math. Thankyou, Dan.

  59. We are on the west coast so I have no idea what the price would be in NY. If you look on Craigslist you can probably quickly find out what people in the area are selling it for.

  60. Hello Dan, If my math is correct, a stacked cord of 14 inch long wood 4 feet high would be around 27.428571429 feet long. I would round that to 27.5.

  61. I have stacked wood in the shed that is7ft high,6ftwide, 2ft deep. I stacked the 2ft wood in the shed. The fellow said that was a cord because it was 24inces. I think he is wrong cause I’ve stacked a lot of wood. I think he meant 1 face cord,or am I wrong?

  62. 7x6x2=84 cubic feet
    84÷128=0.65625 cords

    You have slightly under 2/3 of a cord.

    A face cord is 32 square feet on the face.

    7×6=42 square feet

    42÷32= 1.3 face cords

  63. I have a stack of wood in 2 locations. L= 148″ 112″ 78″ W= 33″ 16″ 16″ H= 45″ 42″ 26″
    Can you calculate for me how much wood in cords I have??

  64. I am not sure how the 3 measurements under each L W and H go together and how this works with 2 locations. You will have to be more specific with which measurements go with which stack.

  65. I’m looking to sell some extra wood for the Holidays – About 1/8 cord bundles. What would the proper dimensions be for 1/8 Cord?

  66. 1/8 cord is 16 cubic feet. If the pieces are 16″ long, a stack 4 feet long and 3 feet high would be 1/8 cord.

  67. This site is a great resource. I’m amazed by folks who have no issues communicating through a computer yet are complete strangers to basic math. In our area (north of Atlanta), I’m seeing firewood displayed in aluminum cages that usually hold white plastic, above-ground cisterns. The top bars have been taken off & the cisterns removed, leaving an 80-cubic-foot cage. I’ll take note of the asking price today, since (thanks to you) I now know that such a cage will hold a little shy of two-thirds (63%) of a bush cord.

  68. This site is a great resource. I’m amazed by folks who have no issues communicating through a computer yet are complete strangers to basic math. I can’t say much, though, since I misspelled my e-address in my original post (LOL). In our area (north of Atlanta), I’m seeing firewood displayed in aluminum cages that usually hold white plastic, above-ground cisterns. The top bars have been taken off & the cisterns removed, leaving an 80-cubic-foot cage. I’ll take note of the asking price today, since (thanks to you) I now know that such a cage will hold a little shy of two-thirds (63%) of a bush cord.

  69. I am going to be having a house built. The builder will be using kiln-dried douglas fir. Is there any reason I can not use the end cuts to burn in a wood stove? I hate to see them go to landfill, especially since I will have paid good money for them.

    Thank you for your reply.

  70. As long as it’s not pressure treated wood, there is no reason I know of not to burn it in a wood stove. Douglas fir is good firewood, I burn it all the time in mine, shouldn’t make a difference if it comes from lumber.

  71. I have a stack of wood that is 20 inches wide and 4 feet high and 32 feet long. How many cord do I have? Thank you.

  72. I really enjoyed this site. I live in Winston-Salem, NC (triad area). I’ve taken notes on core measurements. Can you give me an idea the cost of a cord? This will be my first purchase. Thanks

  73. The cost of a cord can vary greatly from place to place. You will have to check with local dealers in your area.

  74. I have a stack of wood that measures, 16 feet long, 5 feet high, and 16 inch’s wide? How much wood do I have? I actually have 3 stacks of that measurement, but would like to know how much wood is in one stack first, and then all 3. Thanks for the answers.

  75. I wrote this article as an attempt to teach you how to calculate a cord of wood. I wasn’t expecting you all to want me to do all the math for you. Instead of having me do all the math for everyone, maybe you all can tell me how I can change this article to make it more understandable.

  76. Hello Admin

    Great article on how to calculate a cord from the dimensions of stacked fire wood

    Unfortunately some people are intimidated by math.

    I would recommend to your readers to attempt to calculate how many cords of wood on there own, and then verify their answer with the following fire wood calculator page

    Keep on Burning!

  77. I live in Norhetast Ga. Do you know the going rate for a cord of mixed hardwood and hickory.

  78. I am on the other side of the country so I have no idea. Maybe someone else will. Craigslist is a good place to see what local dealers are charging.

  79. Using your cord formula I was able measure three of my wood piles to see how much wood I have. I rounded my footage up or down to get even feet. I figure that the difference would account for the air spaces and the in equal ness in the stacks. Thank you very much.!

  80. Whats the difference in a cord when it is loosely stacked instead of tightly stacked? If the measurements are 3 ft x 4.33 ft x 8.17 ft approx. 106 cubic ft. if tightly stacked. How much less is it when it’s loosely stacked where the logs are turned the opposite way on alternating rows so it will dry faster?


  81. This year I bought my firewood tree length. The logger I purchased from stated that there was a conversion factor for tree length to cord wood but he did not remember what it was. He did state that tree length ends up being a lesser amount when worked up into cordwood. Do you know what the conversion factor is ? I bought 16 cords of tree length, what should I expected to have as standard cords when it is cut and split?

  82. I dont know how you would come up with a reliable conversion. There are a lot of variables like taper and how straight the tree is. You could look up the Scribner tables to convert to board feet and then from there convert that to cubic feet and then cords. It’s a bit of math but that’s probably the direction I would go. If the logs have a lot of taper you may have to factor that in.

  83. I have a stack of 18″ split wood that measures 12′ long by 4′ high by 7′ deep. Can you tell me if I am correct that I have 2.64 full cords ? Wasn’t sure if I was to include that each piece is 18″ in my calculation.

  84. Admin, great site. As far as simplifying your article; just state that a cord is 128 ft^3, take your volume (LxWxH)/128… L, W, H must be in feet. Simple as that.

  85. I had firewood delivered and paid for a full cord, when measured was 17″ inches wide, 4′ feet high, and 10′ feet, 4″ inches long. How short was this from a full cord?? Thanks for any replies. emmette

  86. Had a cord of firewood delivered and stacked. When bad weather stopped, looked at what was delivered. Was 17″ wide, 4′ feet high, and 10′ feet, 4″ inches long. How short is this from a full cord?? thanks, emmette

  87. Rather than argue about the size of a cord of wood, one should base the cost of wood on its heat content. See table Also, are you using an open fireplace or an enclosed stove of some sort? Open fireplaces are pretty much worthless for heating a house since most of the heat simply goes up the chimney. Remember, whatever air goes up the chimney has to come into the house from outside, which also cools off the inside air. Fireplace inserts are the most economical method of burning wood. I’ve been burning Osage Orange in my insert for 27 yrs and have never had to clean my chimney. OO burns HOT and leaves little ash. It burns at about one inch of diameter per hour. IOW, a 6″ dia. log will burn for six hours. Compare that to what you’re using and go from there. Osage Orange grows in every state in the country, too. It will spark occasionally, so you need a small-mesh screen to cover your fireplace if it does not have doors.

  88. Someone on craigslist is selling 4 maple trees he just cut down. He has four tees equaling about 80 feet. the diameter ranges from 24 to 36 inches. they aren’t cut into rounds so we would cut them and pick them up. we’re in Washington. what seems like a reasonable price?

  89. I have a question. If I have a pile of wood that is 4’*2’*2 w

    How much wood do I have. Is it a half cord.

  90. Hi Emmette, I think that you only received one half of a cord. 17″ x 4′ x 10’4″ = approx 58 cubic feet. Divide 58cf by 128cf = 0.453125, or 45% of a cord. They owe you 55% of a cord. Make ’em deliver!
    BTW, thanks admin for this great site. Lots of great info!

  91. Brian, I think you’ve got about 1/8th of a cord. Your measurements are 4′ high x 2′ wide x 2′ deep? 4x2x2 =16 cubic feet. Divide 16cf by 128cf = 0.125, or 12.5% of a cord or 1/8th. Hope this helps.

  92. I paid $800.00 for 3 cords of split wood. They are 16″ in length. The truck used had a box 4 ft by 4 ft by 8 ft. The wood was thrown in the box. The centre of the pile was about 6 inches higher in the box. Would that be 3 cords that was delivered?

  93. Hello Carol,
    I fear that you may not have received 3 cords of wood based upon the measurements that you provided. A true cord of firewood is 4ft high by 4ft deep by 8ft wide. Those are the exact measurements of the box containing the wood as delivered. Also, firewood should be stacked using the 4x4x8 method to prove the quantity received is correct. I think that you only got 1 cord, maybe a little more. You may want to contact the dealer and inquire about a refund. (I’d like to see them prove that they stuffed 3 cords of wood into a space that’s only 128 cubic feet in total volume!)

  94. I was pondering what Admin said about what they are charging for a cord of wood. I realize different areas charge different prices, especially for different types of wood, i.e., Oak v’s Pine. However, If you lived in Lassen county California and tried to sell wood, even Oak for $350 to $500 a cord you’d be run out of town on the starving train. No one would buy it. The average cost in this area for a cord of lodge pole pine is $120 to $140 for rounds, delivered and $140 to $160 split and delivered, depending on who your buying from. I personally wouldn’t even pay that much. Here, its too easy to get and it’s not that hard of work. We do have to pay $10 per cord for permits to the US Forest Service which I think is bogus especially since its public land.

  95. I sell my firewood by the face cord which is just that the face of a cord 8 foot long 4 foot high 16 inch pieces approximately for $50 for camp fire wood pine and other soft wood and $75 and up for oak ash maple and other hard wood and I know that others do this to most of my customers can’t take a full cord at a time but I do take some $ off if they pay in advance

  96. Great site btw!!! I definitely learned something here. My question is this…… I just bought 31 rounds. They measure 24″ round, 14″ thick. What would be the calculation to figure out a chord? I thank you in advance.

  97. Maybe this would help to clear up my measurement. If you lay the wood on the ground flat, its 24 inches wide x 14 thick

  98. Hey I have a 4x5x23 foot pile of wood, how many cords is that? Also what should I charge for a face cord in Berut, Lebanon? Also my woof deliver guy says 4x4x8 is a cord. I think he’s lying. Please help I’m not good at math. Also a friend has a 5x8x144 inch stack and wants to sell it for $23.99 i think thats too much? What do you figure? I only have my GED…..BOBBY

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