How Much is a Cord of Wood?

When people often ask me “how much is a cord of wood?”, I have discovered that some are asking how much wood is in a cord, while others are asking how much a cord of wood costs. You can find out how much wood is in a cord of wood here. The rest of this article will discuss the cost of a cord of wood.

If you want to know the cost of a cord of wood, it will all depend on the type of wood and location. Firewood is a unique commodity in that most of it is produced, sold and used locally. Unlike most things we buy, bulk firewood is usually not shipped all over the country, or far at all. Because of this, the price can vary greatly from location to location. In some parts of the US, a cord of hardwood can cost $150-$170. In other areas, the same wood will be $345-$400.

Prices vary by location depending on several factors. The abundance of raw material in the area and the distance it has to be transported between the forest and the consumer. The cost of harvesting, which can depend on forest conditions, size of the trees and how many there are per acre, type of terrain, etc. Government regulations and forced costs regarding harvesting, processing as well as taxes. Local demand as well as the socioeconomic climate in the area also are a factor. In more affluent areas, customers are willing to pay more, so the price is usually higher.

Softwood usually costs less per cord. Usually roughly 2/3 the price of hardwood. This is usually for a couple different reasons. Softwood is usually easier to process and lighter in weight so it is easier to transport. But the main reason is because there is less energy, or potential heat, in a cord of softwood than there is in a cord of hardwood.

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2 thoughts on “How Much is a Cord of Wood?”

  1. I sell cottonwood in northern nevada and my customers would rather buy cottonwood simply because it burns alot hotter than any pinion or oak. My cottonwood that im selling are trees that are over a 100 years old and they have been dead for more than 10 years so its well seasoned and blows the competition away. dont always trust what people tell you. experience it yourself and find out. Old growth cotton wood is much harder than pinion and has a higher btu rating than whats posted on this site. This site has based their btu ratings from 90 cubic feet, what i sell for a cord is 128 cubic feet.

  2. The 90 cubic feet is based on a 128 cubic foot cord. If you calculate all the air space between the pieces it is estimated that there is only 70-90 cubic feet of actual wood in a 128 cubic foot cord.

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