Don’t Move Firewood

People carelessly moving firewood around is to blame for the spread of many tree-killing insects and diseases that are an increasing threat to our forests. These invasive pests are being spread around the world by moving vegetation, wood products, and especially firewood, from one location to another. Serious imported diseases like Sudden Oak Death in California, and Emerald Ash Borer in the Eastern US and Canada are wiping out entire tree species in some forests.

Most of the forest products industry falls under strict guidelines that prevents this spread by treating wood products before they are moved from their native location. But firewood cutters and users have fallen short and often carelessly spread these pests to new locations by moving untreated wood around.

One of the areas where this has been a big problem is with campfire wood. When you bring firewood into the forest from another location, you can be spreading all kinds of potential pests into the forests. You can do your part to prevent this problem by only buying firewood that is heat treated or that has been harvested from your local area. And if you are going camping, consider buying wood from the campground or make sure the wood came from a location nearby.

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