The Purpose of Fireplace Firebrick and Wood Stove Firebrick

Fireplace Firebrick and Wood Stove Firebrick

Fireplace firebrick is used to line the firebox of steel and cast iron fireplaces and wood stoves. Over time, exposure to the heat and chemicals from combustion can erode the metal on the inside of the firebox. The bricks help to protect the metal walls from the intense heat from the fire. The firebrick lining also acts as an insulator which increases the temperatures inside the combustion chamber for more complete combustion. This increases efficiency and lowers emissions.

Over time the firebricks, also called refractory bricks, can wear down crack and eventually fall apart. Replacement firebricks can be purchased to easily restore the inside of your wood stove or fireplace, which costs much less than replacing the whole unit.

Also consider Soapstone Firebrick. Discover this natural stone’s exceptional durability and its ability to absorb and radiate heat over a long period of time.

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  1. Firebrick bottom for Superior model KR -43
    16 inches deep
    Front side length 36 inches long
    Back side length 27 inches
    Can you make and sell?

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