Ecofan Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan

Here is a great device that is is both useful as well as a great conversation piece. The Ecofan heat powered wood stove fan uses the heat from your wood stove to power its fan. The heat powered fan can move up to 100 cubic feet per minute of warm air from your stove throughout the room to help evenly distribute heat. By circulating the warm air away from your stove and into your living space, your stove will be more efficient because you won’t have to keep it as hot in order to make your room feel comfortable. This will save you money by burning less firewood or gas.

Ecofan heat powered wood stove fan comes already assembled. Simply place it on the top of your stove and when the stove reaches at least 150ºF (65°C) it will automatically generate its own electricity and start circulating air. This temperature is easy to reach since wood stoves typically operate well above that temperature. The hotter it gets the faster the fan will operate. Ecofan is 100% self contained, has no power cord and uses no batteries.

Ecofan heat powered gas stove fans are also available.

How Ecofan Works

Ecofan works by using a thermocouple to generate electricity. In order to work, its base which must be in contact with the top of your stove at a minimum of 150ºF (65°C) and the top of the fan must be cooler than the base. This is easy to accomplish by placing the fan close to the back or side of the stove where cooler air from the room can circulate over the top of the fan.

As heat from the base travels through the Ecofan to the cooling fins on top, it passes through a semiconductor thermocouple device that generates an electric current. When two dissimilar conductors or semiconductors are joined together they can create an electric current as heat passes from one to another.

This electric current is then used to power the motor that turns the fan. As the heat powered fan blows hot air away, cooler air moves in to replace it and passes over the cooling fins on top of the fan. This continues to maintain the temperature difference between the base and the top.

What are the Advantages of Ecofan?

  • Saves energy and money by making your stove more efficient
  • Makes your room feel more comfortable by circulating warm air away from the stove and into your living space
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty
  • Zero operating cost, generates its own electricity
  • Comes pre-assembled and ready to use
  • Comes with carbon neutral shipping
  • Makes an excellent conversation piece

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