Soapstone Firebrick

For Fireplaces Wood Stoves and Cooking Ovens

Soapstone firebrick is an inexpensive way to transform your wood stove, fireplace or cooking oven into a more efficient and comfortable heating unit. Soapstone is not only a beautiful stone for carving, it also has properties that make it an excellent material for firebrick. Soapstone is a dense non porous stone that is resistant to heat and chemicals. It is very durable under high heat and is known for its ability to retain heat and radiate it over a long period of time even after the fire has gone out.

A firebox lined with soapstone firebricks will tend to reach higher temperatures than traditional ceramic firebrick. This high temperature environment creates a more complete and efficient burn which converts more of your wood into heat while producing less smoke and creosote.

Soapstone has an exceptional ability to absorb this intense firebox heat and slowly radiate it into the room over a long period of time. This heat can still be radiating into your room up to 12 hours after the fire goes out. This creates an even and more comfortable heat instead of the too hot one minute and too cold the next which is typical of wood heat.

Soapstone firebrick is also an excellent material for lining pizza ovens, cook tops, cook stoves, and all kinds of masonry ovens and wood fired cooking ovens.

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  1. I would like a small soapstone disk for sitting a tea kettle on top of our wood-burning stove. The size will need to be a circle disk 6.0″ diameter x 0.5″ thick. If you have a soapstone disk of this size, I look forward to hearing from you.

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