Firewood Storage Sheds

Download Plans to Build Your Own Firewood Storage Sheds

Well designed and built firewood storage sheds will keep firewood off the ground and out of the rain and snow and at the same time out of your house or garage. Of the many ways you can store firewood, a good firewood storage shed is hard to beat.

With a woodshed you don’t have to deal with covering your wood with tarps or any cover that you have to cover and remove. You won’t have to worry about it blowing off in a storm or getting holes and leaking.

The best way to use  firewood storage sheds is to stack your wood in it after it is already seasoned. Wood dries best if it is out in the sun and open air. Once it is dry you can bring it in the shed where it will stay much drier than if you leave it outside. This doesn’t mean you can’t put wet or green firewood in a woodshed, just know it may take longer to dry than if it was outside.

A good technique is to cut or buy green wood and keep it outside to dry for a year. If you are buying wood you can usually save money buying it green. After it dries put it in the shed so it will stay dry. This will be your supply for the upcoming winter. Now buy another winter supply to leave it outside for a full year. After the burning season is over and the wood outside has seasoned bring it into the firewood storage shed for the upcoming winter and cut or buy another winter supply of green wood outside to dry. This way you are keeping 2 years supply of firewood on hand. One dry for this year and one drying for next year.

Download Firewood Storage Shed Plans

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