Wood Burning Soapstone Stoves

Wood burning soapstone stoves are not only beautiful, they also last longer and radiate heat longer than stoves made from traditional materials like iron or steel. Soapstone has been known for centuries for its ability to retain and radiate heat, this makes soapstone a perfect material for wood stoves and fireplaces.

Soapstone has a high thermal capacity so it absorbs heat from the fire and can continue radiating heat for hours after the fire has gone out. Some soapstone stoves can still radiate heat up to 12 hours after the fire has gone out. With a wood burning soapstone stove you will be able to let the fire go out at night or while you are away and the stone will still be radiating heat.

Soapstone radiates an even comfortable heat that you can sit next to. Soapstone eliminates the constant fluctuations in intensity of heat that you get from a traditional stove where one minute it is too hot and the next it is too cold.

Soapstone is a natural metamorphic rock created deep in the earth through intense heat and pressure. Soapstone is unusually stable and can withstand the intense heat from fire and sudden temperature changes. Soapstone stoves will last for many years without eroding and corroding from the heat the way a metal and ceramic fire brick in a traditional stove will.

Wood burning soapstone stoves are made of thick slabs of this natural stone that directly form the firebox. The stone lasts much longer than metal or fire bricks and directly absorbs the heat from the flames to slowly radiate it into your home through its beautiful polished surface.

Wood burning soapstone stoves not only radiate heat into the room, they also radiate heat back into the fire box. The inside of the fire box of a soapstone stove reaches much higher temperatures than a metal stove. This high heat creates a more efficient and complete burn. This converts more of the wood into heat and also makes for a cleaner burning fire. Smoke is unburned fuel particles and when they go out your chimney it is wasted energy. With the intense heat inside a soapstone stove, the smoke and organic gases are burned before they can escape. This way the smoke is converted into heat to heat your home instead of being released out the chimney to pollute the air.

Soapstone is a beautifully grained rock with naturally formed patterns. Unlike metal stoves which deteriorate over time, soapstone will maintain its natural stone look.

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