Almond Firewood

Those who live in the Central Valley and the Bay Area of California and anywhere almonds are commercially grow are fortunate to have access to an abundance of almond firewood. When almond trees in an orchard get to the age where they stop bearing nuts, or slow their production, they are removed so younger more productive trees can take their place. These removed trees are where almond firewood comes from. Aside from being great firewood, some people like that they are using farm raised wood instead of wood that comes from cutting up native oaks and other hardwoods.

Almond wood burns very hot and long. It burns clean, with relatively low smoke and produces little ash compared to oak. Almond is great for home heating in a wood stove or fireplace. I like almond for outdoor firepits and campfires because of its high heat output, great coals, and low smoke.

BTU of Almond Firewood

What are your experiences with almond firewood? Post below.

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