Apple Firewood

Apple wood is very popular for burning but unfortunately it can be hard to find in most places. Apple firewood is a hot burning hardwood that is loved for its sweet aroma when it burns. It is great for outdoor fires because of it’s fragrance as well as for cooking and smoking foods. It is a clean burning wood with low smoke.

Apple firewood is rare in North America because it does not grow native in any of our forests the way most common types of firewood here do. Apple wood is usually only abundant where apples are commercially grown. When old apple trees in an orchard are replaced, the old ones are sometimes cut into firewood. Except for the occasional apple tree from someone’s yard, commercial orchards are the only major source of apple wood.

Much of of this wood is used for making chips and chunks for smoking wood. Apple wood for sale in these forms are not hard to find in stores and online. Apple wood is also good for making furniture. In most cases apple wood is too rare and valuable to cut into bulk firewood.

BTU of Apple Firewood

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5 thoughts on “Apple Firewood”

  1. I have the opportunity to get cut apple wood, chunks and limbs for firewood in .25 full cord boxes from an orchard for $20 per box ($80 full cord) I am considering getting a pile to heat with, I now use ash, maple, beech and cherry. Any thoughts on the value of getting it?

  2. Arborist dropped off an entire load of Apple logs. Split & stacked in 2015. Just started burning it now (Dec 2016). Impressed. Not only smells great from the outside but produces little smoke and burns HOT in my wood stove.. Low flames with a closed damper but retains its steady heat. Coals stay hot long. Good for overnight burns.

  3. I had to cut down an apple tree because of fire blight. Can I use the wood in BBQ and smokers?

  4. Apple wood is great for BBQ and smokers. I doubt the blight would have any impact on its performance.

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