Ash Firewood

There are several different species of ash and white ash is usually considered to be the best for burning. White ash firewood is a versatile wood. It is good for the amount of heat it puts out, having a moderate burning time while also being easy to light, compared to many other hardwoods. That combined with being easy to split makes ash good for kindling. It is a little lower in BTU than oak, it burns hotter, but it doesn’t last quite as long.

Ash seasons very quickly and is unusual in that it is well known for burning well even when it is green. It is best seasoned though.

The other common ash speces are green ash and black or gray ash. These are lower in BTU but still burn well, they just don’t put out as much heat or last as long. I have heard mixed debate about whether these burn well when green the way white ash does.

BTU of White Ash Firewood

Post your experience with ash firewood below.

One thought on “Ash Firewood”

  1. I think that White Ash is one of the best all around firewoods!
    It burns hot. It has decent burning time. It splits easier then any other hardwood I’ve came across. It seasons very quickly! Almost immediately after it’s cut and split. I’ve seen the logs show cracks the next day after cutting and splitting it. And last , it makes some of the best kindling! It has bailed me out on cold winters when I’ve ran out of seadoned wood!

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