Avocado Firewood

Avocado firewood can be common around the orchards of California. Avocado is one of the softer and less dense of the hardwoods. It is fairly low in BTU and burns fast. It burns easily and makes good starter wood. The wood has no scent but a lot of people like avocado because it burns with a nice aroma.

Avocado Firewood BTU

Post your experience with avocado firewood.

2 thoughts on “Avocado Firewood”

  1. I would not recommend Avocado as a firewood. On the surface it seems to have a good value, but it burns so quickly you will go through it much faster.

    It glazes up the chimney flue quickly with a glazed creosote that is highly flammable and leads to needing harsher methods to sweep it out. Instead, consider pine, pinyon pine or a fruit wood as an alternative as a softer wood.

    We’re a chimney sweep company in San Diego, CA and have to deal with Avocado wood all the time.

  2. So what kind of wood would you recommend to burn that would not build up a fiery film on the chimney wall as bad or as quick.

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