Black Walnut Firewood

If you have a good solid black walnut log that you are considering cutting up for firewood, it may be worth a lot more for making lumber. Black walnut firewood is decent but not usually a favorite. It can have a long burn but doesn’t usually put out much intense heat. A lot of the time it doesn’t burn with a lot of flame and has more of a tendency to coal.

Walnut is medium to low BTU on the scale of hardwoods. It is usually not difficult to split and dries fairly easily. Although not a real popular firewood, it is definitely worth burning if it is what you have. If anything, it can have a nice fragrance as it burns.

Walnut Firewood BTU

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4 thoughts on “Black Walnut Firewood”

  1. Black walnut wood contains a chemical called juglone, which can be toxic, especially to horses when used as bedding. Contact with and breathing walnut dust should be avoided. But I have not heard of this being a problem with burning the wood. Walnut wood is commonly used for BBQ and smoking foods, and is available in stores for this purpose. All wood produces toxic fumes when burned and should not be breathed. This is why a large percentage of deaths in house fires are from smoke inhalation.

  2. We want a 100″ around, perfect walnut tree removed. Hoping that the wood has some value, we’re hoping that the cost of removal would be free or nearly free. Also, we have several other trees with large branches that need to be removed, as well.

  3. Reading a lot about walnut wood… I got a 8 ft load of walnut wood for $75.00 but it’s not seasonal yet it’s green… I heard you have a wait 2 years? Right 😒🤔

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