Douglas Fir Firewood

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir FirewoodPseudotsuga menziesii

Douglas Fir is a softwood that produces a moderate amount of heat and is easy to light.  Douglas Fir is one of the better softwoods for firewood and is even better than some hardwoods as far as total heat content.

Douglas fir that is straight grained and knot free splits nicely into kindling size pieces. It is often used for kindling but being denser than most other softwoods doesn’t ignite as easily so is not the best choice compared to many other softwoods.

Douglas Fir is not a true fir but is in a genus of it’s own.  Douglas Fir ranges from central British Columbia to central California along the Pacific Coast and also in the Rocky Mountains.

Douglas Fir BTU Ratings

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5 thoughts on “Douglas Fir”

  1. Split Douglas Fir ignites easier than any other softwood in North America. Try it for yourself.

  2. We just started to burn Douglas Fir (Santa Rosa, California). We burn small hot fires because it is a very sappy wood. We can easily overheat if we put in to much. The pockets of sap we find while splitting we turn into fire starting sticks … super convenient.

  3. I stay away from fir, because of all the branches. Nice to find a tree that soars into the sky, and 60+% of if from the root is limb free. Getting a winters worth of firewood is enough work without having to delimb and then dispose of high density branches.

  4. how long does it take doug fir to season? i live in oregon and it isn’t very humid. had some cut down and split about 2 weeks ago, will it be ready to burn this winter?

  5. I really enjoy burning Doug fir. It splits easy since it’s a straight grained wood, and throws a decent amount of heat for a lengthy period of time with nice HOT coals in a wood stove. 2-3 good size pieces in the woodstove and I’m toasty warm all night here in Idaho. I would certainly go out of my way for doug fir as it ranks high on my list of firewood types.

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