Hackberry Firewood

Hackberry firewood is a moderate density and moderate BTU hardwood. It doesn’t have the heat that oak and hickory have, but still burns well and is a popular hardwood to burn. It can be stringy but it still usually splits easily. It burns with a mild pleasant fragrance and doesn’t pop much.

Termites and other boring insects like hackberry and and it also susceptible to rot. It is not the best wood to store for multiple years, especially if it will be damp.

BTU of Hackberry Firewood

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3 thoughts on “Hackberry Firewood”

  1. I am thinning hackberry out of my woods all the time and I burn it for firewood. I sell a little firewood too when I have more than I can burn myself. Hackberry firewood is not as good as oak or hickory but it is still good wood. Splits just fine but then I am using a hydraulic splitter so a lot of things split fine with that. Most people would rather buy hickory or oak but it still sells and I like to burn it myself.

  2. Yes we use it all the time in the smoker, it doesn’t seem to leave as much black soot in the tank either. It is nice not to have all of it flaking off and falling on your meat if you don’t clean it good.

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