Hemlock Firewood

The three major species of hemlock, mountain, western and eastern hemlock are low density softwoods. Hemlock firewood can put out a lot of heat but it burns up quickly.

As with a lot of the softer woods, hemlock dries quickly but also can hold onto moisture if laying on the ground or in a damp or unventilated area. It pops and sparks as it burns, which can be a hazard, but also nice for ambiance if you want a nice crackling fire. This makes it good for fireplaces and outdoor fires. It is good for starting fires and for kindling.

Hemlock Firewood BTU

Post your experiences with burning hemlock below.

2 thoughts on “Hemlock Firewood”

  1. That would be interesting to know but I doubt that information will be easy to find. Limbs on conifers are usually slower growing and have tighter rings than the stem. I would imagine they are more dense so would have more BTU than the stem wood.

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