Incense Cedar

Calocedrus decurrens

Incense cedar firewood ignites easy and burns fast. This softwood often has straight splitting grain that makes it great for kindling. But since it’s a low density softwood with a low BTU, it is usually not the best choice for a wood stove or for home heating.

Incense Cedar firewood is aromatic and produces a fire that can crackle and pop when it burns, which makes a good atmosphere for open fireplaces and campfires. Just watch out when it pops because it can throw hot coals. Because of this a fireplace screen is recommended when you burn cedar in an open fireplace.

Like all cedars in North America, Incense Cedar is not a true cedar. It is more related to a cypress than a true cedar and Grows in Oregon California and a small part of Nevada in the Sierras.

Incense Cedar Firewood BTU Rating

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