Juniper Firewood

Western juniper firewood is one of the more dense softwoods and has a higher heat output compared to most other softwoods. In areas of the interior west in the US, where hardwoods are not abundant, juniper is considered to be the best alternative to hardwoods. It burns fairly long, is easy to light, making it good for starting fires and making kindling.

It is know for popping and sparking a lot as it burns. It is clean burning and has a nice aroma, similar to cedar both from the smoke and from the wood itself. Found in the arid interior of Oregon California, Washington, Idaho and Nevada.

Alligator juniper firewood is common in Arizona and has similar burning characteristics.

Utah juniper also called shaggy juniper or shag bark juniper grows throughout the interior of the west and has similar firewood characteristics. It also has shaggy bark which makes it easier to light and can be used as kindling.

Juniper Firewood BTU

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  1. I like to cut a chord of Juniper every year. It is a good wood for burning. The wood and smoke are aromatic. The wood is beautiful and the sawdust smell is very pleasant. The ash is white and soft. The problem is the trees are stunted thick at the bottom and quickly narrows. Height of the trees are 12 to 20 feet tall and ver limby. A lot of work for little wood but you’ll love the fire and smoke. I imagine it would make good wood for furniture, turning, small decorative wood products.

  2. I would like to buy some juniper wood for camping. I live in Cartersville GA.

  3. In my experience in shaggy and alligator juniper there isn’t a lot of sparking or popping when properly seasoned

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