Lodgepole Pine

Lodgepole Pine Firewood

Pinus contorta

Lodgepole pine firewood is considered by many to be one of the better pines and softwoods for firewood. It can put out a fair amount of heat and will last a while. Lodgepole pine tends to be a slower growing and more dense pine with one of the higher BTU rating of the pines. It also has thin bark so when you get a cord of lodgepole, you are getting more wood and less bark. It is a good all around wood for wood stoves, fireplaces and outdoor fires.

Lodgepole Pine, sometimes called Jack Pine is a conifer that grows over a vast area of western North America from the Pacific Coast to the Rockies and Black Hills of South Dakota, as far south as Northern Baja in Mexico north to the Yukon of Canada.

In much of the west between the Cascade Mountains and the Rockies hardwoods are rare so lodgepole pine is the firewood of choice for many.

In the video below, a guy who from Central Oregon, who calls himself The Oregon Redneck, compares lodgepole pine to other local wood species for firewood and explains why he prefers lodgepole.

Lodgepole Pine Firewood BTU Ratings

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