Maple Firewood

It is easy to find many differing opinions when it comes to maple firewood. This is partly because of the differences between different species of maple. Maples are usually put into two categories, hard maple and soft maple.

All maples are technically hardwoods, but some are harder than others. Hard maple usually refers to sugar maple and sometimes black maple. These are the hardest and most dense of the maples. These are also considered by many to be the best maple firewood because like other dense hardwoods, they burn long and hot. Hard maples are comparable to the oaks as far as BTU and their burning characteristics.

Soft maple usually refers to red maple and sometimes silver maple, which is sometimes called swamp maple. These maples, as you might guess from the name, are softer and less dense than hard maples. These maples don’t have as many BTU’s as hard maples but they still make good firewood. One advantage of soft maple firewood is it sometimes splits easier and dries faster.

Bigleaf maple on the Pacific coast could also be considered one of the softer maples.

Maple wood is loved by bugs so it’s best to keep it off the ground and store it in a dry place. Maple is not a wood that keeps well so its best to burn it within a year or two.

BTU of maple firewood

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