Mulberry Firewood

Mulberry firewood gets mixed reviews depending on who you talk to. Mulberry is a dense high BTU wood but it has a high water content when green and can take a long time to dry.

A lot of people say it makes excellent firewood but the key is to give it plenty of time to dry, up to two years. There are some who say it is not so good but they may not be letting it dry long enough. Make sure it is off the ground and well ventilated to help it dry, it likes holding onto its water.

Mulberry wood can spark a lot as it burns, so keep the wood stove and fireplace doors closed.

Mulberry Firewood BTU

Do you have experience with mulberry firewood? If so please tell us about it below.

12 thoughts on “Mulberry Firewood”

  1. I burn mulberry and sale it. Definitely does spark but burns hot and long. Let it drie out and you’ll enjoy it

  2. I want to add that fruitless mulberry, morus alba, is very good wood. Maybe mny oak isn’t as dry as I thought, the mulberry coals seem to burn longer, and it it is good smoking wood I have tried for pork.

  3. Mullberry is great firewood if you have patience. I usually find dead standing trees that are already mostly seasoned . It’s extremely rot resistant and will stand for years dead. It dies from the inside out. It is on my top 3 choices because it burns great and very easy to split. It smells great too.

  4. I have had a great first experience with mulberry firewood, but what I had would not have split good without a splitter since it was quite twisted. I dried it about 20 months, it kindles very well and gives more heat than some other hard woods such as ash, cherry or walnut.

  5. I’ve burnt mulberry for about 6 -7 years in my Lincoln stove, I’ve got a lot of it aaround my place. I do know it burns & heats great and has a slight fruity smell, but it takes about a year to season. its best to keep all of what you cut off the ground ( I use 2′ x 3′ pallets, but I stacked it on the ground, the only pieces that don’t cure out, are the pieces on the ground.

  6. @ randy . Not if it’s seasoned. It may smoke just a hair bit more than say seasoned oak ,but not exesiveley as Elm or wet wood. I burn it quite a bit in our fire pit because it smells great and we enjoy the loud crackling sound it makes . It has a great burning caricature that I like too. IT doesn’t reabsorb water after rain also in my experience.

  7. I have some mulberry firewood for sale….5303002809….about three cords.
    Cut at 16″ and been curing for only a month. Sets stacked on a south facing fence line full sun all day!! Lots of wind so cure is at optimum perspective….
    Thanks, Woodward’s Tree Solutions

  8. I’ve burnt 10 Ricks of Mulberry so far., after it seasoned for good 2 years. Man the heat is grande and it burns LONG! And it pops and sparks too, nice to look at. It sure is heavy though, compared to other cured woods.

    Wish I had more, miss it. Thanks

  9. Yellow when fresh cut. Dries to a faded maroon-type color. I split manually and it is without question the easiest splitting wood I have ever had. I’ll take it anytime

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