Oregon White Oak

Quercus garryana

When it comes to Oregon white oak firewood, also called Gary oak, there are mixed opinions about this hardwood. Many people will swear that it makes poor firewood but I find that it burns just fine. It has one of the higher BTU ratings of the oaks and puts out a lot of heat over a long period of time. If you want to get up in the morning to a bed of coals that are still hot, white oak is a good choice of wood to put in the fire the night before.

The disadvantage of Oregon white oak is it produces a lot of ash and it can be messy. The bark is flaky and can be almost powdery. White oak trees can also grow a thick carpet of moss and lichen which in itself can be messy. Pieces of moss fall off and it can hold a lot of debris like dirt and sawdust.

Oregon White Oak is a deciduous broadleaf tree that ranges from Southern California to Southwest British Columbia.

Oregon White Oak Firewood BTU Rating

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4 thoughts on “Oregon White Oak”

  1. I love white oak. It ususaly grows pretty straight, with
    a good canopy up high for small pieces. The straight part helps alot when splitting. White oak also burns hot and for a very long time….if someone is telling you that it wont burn, then Im sure the stuff they had wasnt seasoned properly, or had soaked up rainwater, or was rotten, ect,ect, but white oak in its prime is the bomb trust me on that.

  2. Very nice. I can see you’re made wood before. Long rows, up off the ruognd, that’s the whole secret. Lots of sunshine and wind really help here in northern Colorado, too. Good job!

  3. I believe white oak to be the best all around firewood for my woodstove and my smoker. Hickory doesn’t even come close to white oak for me.

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