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Pinion wood is a popular firewood used for outdoor fireplaces and chimineas. Pinion pine wood is sometimes called the hardwood of softwoods. Even though it is technically a softwood, it is harder, more dense, and has a higher BTU than most softwoods.

Pinion firewood is popular for outdoor fires because of its nice pine aroma. The scent of both the unburned and burning wood is sometimes described as giving the feeling of being outdoors. The wood is also clean burning, easy to light, puts out plenty of heat, burns long and produces little ash. Pinion pine wood is claimed to be a mosquito repellent when burned. Some will burn the wood outdoors just to keep the bugs away.

Pinion wood comes from the pinyon pine tree, also spelled pinion or piñon. Pinyon pine trees grow in dry regions of Mexico and the south western United States, mainly in the high mountains of the Colorado Plateau in New Mexico and Arizona. It tends to grow in areas that are too dry for ponderosa pine and is often found mixed with juniper.

Pinyon pine is a small, slow growing tree, usually only 10-30 feet in height. The seeds are edible and important for wildlife. Native Americans used pinyon pine nuts as a staple food and today the nuts are considered a delicacy by many. The pine nuts you buy in the store are usually from pinyon pine trees.

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  1. Looked at pinon wood for my new firepit but it mentions “not for cooking” … does this mean it’s not safe for even roasting marshmallows? Or, it would just make them taste funny (piney?)? I’ve googled so many websites but can’t find any that answer this…

  2. Pinion pine firewood and any other pine will be fine for roasting marshmallows. When they say it’s not good for cooking that is just because, like you said, the food will have a “piney” taste when cooked in the pine smoke. But when roasting something like a marshmallow you are probably not going to roast it long enough for that to be a problem. Plus you will probably be roasting it over hot coals instead of holding it in the smoke. If you hold it over a smoky pine fire then yeah it might not taste so good.

  3. Hello Rachelle,

    How much bulk Pinion Wood are you looking for? I am located in S Utah and can supply as much as you wantand in what form.

  4. Mario,
    I own a resort in Far Northern Wisconsin. I would be interested in 5-6 truckloads of Pinion in 8 foot logs. Could you handle that?

  5. Mario,
    What kind of price per cord for Pinion Pine in a full 18 wheeler load to Houston, Tx (should be 12-14 cords based on weight.) Thanks.

  6. Mario, We can probably get a better freight rate overland than you because we ship truckloads all over the USA and have some relationships with haulers. So maybe you could give me an FOB point with zip code and give me a price if we pick it up at your location for a full truckload (18 wheeler) and price it by the cord. Weight restrictions in Texas are strict…can not go over 80,000 lbs. gross and axles must be right. Thank you very much.

  7. Rachelle

    I have an abundant supply of piñon firewood right here in northern New Mexico. We can custom cut and deliver if you are interested please fell free to call me 575-770-5997

  8. Looking for supplier of Pinion wood in bulk, we can pick up. please give me pricing based on a full cord.

  9. I am looking to haul 14 or more cords of red oak up to new mexico and trade for 20 cords of pinion plus some cash. I am open to discussion on deal. My time frame is within the next month. My e-mail is
    Could lead to long term agreement.

  10. Luke G.

    I am not interested in a trade but could get you the
    pinion depending on where you are located. The wood
    is dry(not green)and ready to go. Also possibly juniper
    (also good smell). Both from New Mexico.

  11. I’m interested in two cords of Pinon. I live in Heber City, Utah and I will come and get it if that’s cheaper. Can you please send me a price?

  12. I am looking to purchase an LTL or possibly a truckload of pinion wood shipped to Springfield, MO. Standard cut logs would be ok with me for my fireplace. Any help would be appreciated.

  13. I am looking to purchase an LTL shipment of several pallets of pinion wood shipped to Pittsburgh PA. Standard cut logs would be ok.

  14. Have 150+ cords of pinyon wood for sale and 150+ cords of Juniper.
    Located in Southern Utah, was cut in May. Will be more in the future. Looking for a chiminea market

  15. I am located in Columbus Ohio, was interested in purchasing 1-2cords of piñon and/or juniper firewood. Please advise on cost?

  16. for anyone buying pinon from nm be forewarned..most of what you are going to get has been killed by the bark beatle..the beatles are long dead but when this tree dies standing it loses most of its btu output..i live in the east mountains of albq..and the wood here is going for 190 a cord..this will usualy be a mixture of pinon and cedar..semi green..and will burn well within a month or so..and will be mostly pinon..most of the guys selling are harvesting there wood from forest permits..thats why its not seasoned yet..i dont understand the suden interest in pinon..i have lived in nm all my life and only burn this wood if im desperate..if you have a heat exchange unit on your woodburner it will destroy it within months..and for all you people in texas burning it in open fireplaces..caution…if you have an old masonary chimney it will build up catch on fire and burn your houses down..if your still interested..the local boys could supply you with all you a realistic price..i was pricing wood in dallas..there getting 500 bucks for a face cord..thats about 1/4 cord…this is crazy..its going for more than hickory and oak!!all it is is scrub pine!!!you can email me and i will put you in touch with someone you can deal with at a realistic price…

  17. also..i am at my lake house in texas..we have an abundance of live oak..hickory and bodark (OSAGE ORANGE)..they are getting 100 bucks a rick for it..and if you just get the bodark its well worth it..32 million btu per oak..30 million btu per cord..biternut hickory..27 million btu per cord..just saying…

  18. @ Rose: We have plenty of Pinon in Santa Fe. Let me know how much you would like. Price includes delivery and stacking. Wood is cut to 16″ length. Answer for prices.

  19. I am looking to buy truckloads of logs. Semi truck loads. Hard woods, pine, pinion, cedar, aspen….curious as to delivered price. I am in the San Louis Valley, near Alamosa, Colorado. Please email me at: with pricing and availability. Thank you.

  20. HELP!!! I have a retail nursery, we sell chimineas, our pinion wood supplier is an incompetent so and so!! I’ve had to deal with this company for waaaaayy to long! I NEED PINION WOOD!! I am in Oklahoma…. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .

  21. i am looking for pinons trees to planted i have two trees already but looking for more like six more it not going to be firewood period bye

  22. I’m logging on over 100 acres full of dead pinion. I’ll expect to pull out at least fifty cords by this time year, the trees are dead standing and needles are falling off. I’m selling fully processed, cut/split and delivered to locals for around $180 flat… (with the BTU value exceeding most hardwoods around here)
    I would be willing to sell cut ~16 inch blocks at $100 a cord if you can come pick it up!! Supply is almost unlimited! Send me an email if interested

  23. Anyone needing truckload services, I can find you the capacity you need for any shipments, anywhere nationwide. Feel free to email me what you need. Whether you’re the customer looking for wood, or if you’re a distributor looking for reliable transportation to your customers, I will be glad to help.

  24. I know I am at firewood source for sale,
    but I am actually interested in a place to dig pinon, aspens, ponderosas and other trees.
    I assume some of you folks have land or may even do digging your self.

    I will need a huge amount of trees, looking to start with about 1000 of each kind right away.

    Sorry for posting here!


  25. I have plenty of Pinion Firewood in stock. I am located in Bosque Farms NM About 15 miles south of ABQ. The wood is cut 16″ on average and is split. At this time I have roughly 100 cords if split pinion
    I also pine, cedar and American Elm in stock.
    I can suppli semi loads of each type of wood.
    I am looking for a supplier of Oak. Either delivered or I can pick up at your location. I can fit 12-14 cords of oak on the semi depending on how green the wood is.

  26. I would like 20 cords or more full length logs(non split or cut to length)delivered to Kamas, Utah. Could you provide cost, delivery and any additional information you may have.


  27. Keith,
    I only supply cut to length wood, it is 16 inches on average.
    I can supply 18 cords of wood on a semi.
    Would you be interested in split or unsplit wood?
    Also I would need a load to make it back.
    Would be able to supply any oak or other hard wood?

  28. I’m looking to buy 5-6 semi load of cut and split piñon wood it must to delivered to austin texas my email is if you can handle this order please respond by email best price is not the critical best quality is important

  29. Hi….

    For those looking to buy bulk Pinon Firewood, we are a manufacturer and seller of Pinon Firewood located in Las Vegas, New Mexico, and can ship across the USA….Contact us at (505) 989-9663 or send an e-mail to…..

  30. If anyone is interested in purchasing pinion or cedar, by the cord and even posts (for cedar.) Give me an email at or call at (970)529-6484. we are located in south west Colorado, offering only the best NO rot wood!
    We cant wait to hear from you guys, any and all questions or concerns are welcome.
    -why not make firewood fun?

  31. Am looking for blocked pinon, scrub oak and/or juniper firewood within 75 miles of Colorado Springs. Having cut firewood for 30+ years, access on land to cut and transport out would be great as well.

  32. I will be traveling from Texas to Red River NM and will be in town for 1 week. Would like to take home a truck bed full of pinion. Anyone know where I could get some at reasonable price close to Red River? Thanks.

  33. Pinion& alligator juniper for sale…. cut to order. Shipping throughout the USA. Contact Evan. 575-517-7093 . Located in central nm. Thanks

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