Red Fir Firewood

In the west there is a lot of confusion about red fir firewood. Red fir is the common name for Abies magnifica, also called silvertip fir, and it also has a variety called Shasta red fir. Red fir grows in the high mountains, usually above 5000 feet. It is very popular for Christmas trees.

As with most species of true fir, red fir burns quickly, makes good kindling and is good for starting fires and a quick hot burn. But it is low in BTU and not very poplar for home heating.

When some people refer to red fir as firewood, they are talking about Douglas fir, not red fir. Douglas fir firewood is much different than red fir and is much more popular as firewood. You can read more about Douglas fir here.

Red Fir Firewood BTU

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