Spruce Firewood

Spruce is usually not that poplar as firewood but if it is what you have, it burns fine. Like other low density softwoods, spruce firewood is low in BTU and burns up fairly quickly. It can pop and throw embers as it burns and can produce a lot of smoke. Some report that it can cause a lot of creosote buildup in stoves and chimneys. Clear wood can be easy to split but some of it can have a lot of knots, making it more difficult.

There are several spruce species in North America. As far as firewood goes, there is not a lot of major difference between them.

Sitka Spruce

Brewers Spruce / Weeping Spruce

Engelmann Spruce

White Spruce

Blue Spruce / Colorado Spruce

BTU of Spruce Firewood

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