Sycamore Firewood

Sycamore firewood is technically a hardwood but it is a low density hardwood that is softer than some softwoods. Sycamore is known for being full of water when fresh cut and tough to split, especially when wet. This stringy wood is best to split with a hydraulic splitter. When dry it does burn well, maybe too well.

Sycamore wood lights easily and is good for starting fires. It can put out a lot of heat, but it doesn’t last long. It can put off a foul odor if it is burned green, but it doesn’t burn as well green so I don’t know why you would want to do that.

If you are looking for a long lasing hardwood, sycamore is not the wood. But for starting fires or for quick heat, it can have its place.

BTU of Sycamore Firewood

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