Tamarack Firewood

Tamarack is a common name for larch. There are two major species of larch in North America

Western Larch Larix occidentalis, grows in Idaho, Montana, eastern Washington, northeast Oregon and into western Canada.

Eastern larch Larix laricina, grows in the northeast part of the US and into eastern Canada.

In the firewood trade, larch is usually called tamarack. Tamarack firewood is very popular in the interior Pacific Northwest. In this area, hardwoods are rare and tamarack is the next best thing. It is one of the higher BTU softwoods. It burns hot and lasts long for a softwood. It is easy to light, splits well and dries quickly.

Both of these larches are unique among conifers in that they are deciduous and turn color and shed all their needles in the fall.

Tamarack Firewood BTU

post your experience with tamarack firewood below.

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  1. Very popular here in Newfoundland Canada, I find it great for burning, In my local area we have the larch,black spruce and fir in abundance

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