Western White Pine

Pinus monticola

Western White Pine is a low density softwood that is not often used for firewood partly due to it’s low availability in most areas. White pine firewood  burns fast and has a low BTU rating and produces a low amount of heat. Western White Pine is a conifer that grows in the mountains of the western United States and Canada mainly in the Cascades, Sierras and northern Rockies.

Unfortunately I don’t have it’s BTU rating but if anyone has it feel free to post it or your experiences with western white pine firewood below.

One thought on “Western White Pine”

  1. Giving all white pine a bad word is kinda like saying all of man is bad!!!! I cut white pine that is over 250 years old before the died, the tight grain of this wood makes it burn much like hemlock and has a greater btu than new stand white pine. Old growth is a totally different ballgame.

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