White Oak Firewood

Quercus alba

This page is about the white oak that grows in the eastern half of the US and Canada. You can read about Oregon white oak, which grows on the west coast here. White oak firewood gets mixed reviews but to most people, it makes great firewood. White oak, along with other oaks, is a dense hardwood that is high in BTU.

Some people say white oak is hard to burn, but I think in a lot cases that is because they don’t let it season long enough. This oak takes longer to season than a lot of other woods. Some say a full year or two, but it all depends on drying conditions. White oak may not put off as much intense heat as other woods like hickory, but it burns slow and will last a long time. Providing plenty of oxygen to your firebox can help white oak burn better.

White oak firewood BTU


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2 thoughts on “White Oak Firewood”

  1. Burn lots of white oak because it’s so abundant where I live. Major drawback: outer inch or so of the log gets very spongy during the year+ it takes to cure. Pain in the butt to remove this undesirable layer. Once done, however, it burns just fine.

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