Willow Firewood

Of the several species of willow in the US and Canada, they are all low density woods that are usually not that popular as firewood. Willow firewood is low in BTU, one of the lowest of the broadleaf trees. Because it is a broadleaf tree it is technically a hardwood, but burns more like a softwood and is softer than a lot of softwoods.

It burns well and can make a very hot fire quickly, but it also burns up very quickly. It is good for starting fires and getting a quick hot fire. It is not a wood that you would want to fill up your stove with too full without dampering it down. Otherwise it can make too intense a fire. It is an easy wood to saw and some species are very easy to split.

Willow wood is one of those cases where if you have it, you might as well burn it. If you have a tree to cut down, it’s better to use it than let it go to waste. Some willows, like weeping willow, can sometimes be extremely dense in foliage and will be a lot of work to clean up. So if you are offered the chance to have the wood in exchange for cleaning the tree up, you might want to take a good look at the tree first and decide if it will be worth the work.

BTU of Willow Firewood

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  1. Hi just like it say willow will burn fast but is easy to cut . I’m giving mine to daughter she burns wood to help her and me get rid of it.

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