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On these pages you can find information and reviews for firewood machines, mechanical and hand firewood tools and firewood equipment. For decades a chainsaw, a splitting maul, a wedge and a pickup were the best firewood tools available for making firewood.

These firewood tools are still used and have their place but now there are firewood machines and firewood equipment that make the job much easier and greatly increase production. The invention of hydraulic firewood splitters has replaced the most back breaking part of producing firewood. Swinging a splitting maul by hand and using hand tools can be back breaking work.

Firewood processors can automate the whole firewood process from log form to finished product. These firewood machines take a whole log, cut it into exact lengths, split it, and in some cases even load it. It does all of this without the operator handling any of the wood by hand.

With firewood conveyors and other loading equipment the wood can be moved and loaded by machines instead of by hand.

Unfortunately I have not found any firewood stacking machines yet. Since firewood is an irregular sized and shaped product there are still some things that have to be done by hand.

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