Cord King Firewood Processor

The manufacturer of the cord king firewood processor claims they build the fastest portable firewood processors. The cycle time for cutting and splitting is four seconds. These firewood machines come from Ottawa, Canada and are claimed to be North America’s first commercial firewood processors.

Cord King firewood processors use a circular cutoff saw instead of the more common chainsaws. The manufacturer claims the blade will cut around 1500 cords before the blade needs to be sharpened. Sharpening takes about 20 minutes with a simple sharpening tool. They did not mention how clean or dirty the logs were to get that 1500 cords.

They offer several options for a power plant including a John Deer diesel engine. Many of the components are “off the shelf” parts that are readily available from many sources.

These firewood processors can be custom built and come with a 2 year warranty.

If you have any experience with a Cord King firewood processor please leave your comment below.

4 thoughts on “Cord King Firewood Processor”

  1. I would like to find one in Western Canada, I have seen them work and they are great

  2. What are the prices of their models? I contacted them but haven’t heard anything back? Scot, what did you pay for yours and how many cords do you think it cuts in a day?

  3. I have had to replace three splitter valves,finally with some assistance with the hydraulic shop I replumbed it and no trouble since,cord king was no help ,they just kept saying it was me,then the conveyor the metal slats kept tearing out of the belt,the lacing ripped which I had to opay for then the belt runs to one side and then the other till it trashed the belt finally I got a new belt from them,talked to another owner his was the same they sent him a new conveyor updated free of charge,where is the update bulletin none sent out ,machine works great when it works cant beat it,warranty service if that’s what you call it is terrible as one guy said it sucks unless you talk directly to the owner and bypass the shop,since replumbing machine ,my splitter is faster, hydraulics run cooler,and ive done about 200 full cords with no problems,I have had no issuses what so ever,their workmanship on somethings is excellent and other things look like a 12 year old made it for the first time with no guideance,i had to put a longer bar and chain on it so it would cut the diameter of log it was supposed to ,logs dony always sit in the middle of the feed tray it doesn’t have enough taper to make them do this ,im working on fixing this problem,

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