Firewood Sawhorse

Smart-Holder Firewood Holder Saw Horse

This firewood sawhorse was developed by a life long woodsman in Sweden. It’s patented design will hold your wood safely and secure to make cutting firewood a breeze. It’s lightweight and quickly folds making it easier to transport. It will hold small limbs to logs up to 9″ in diameter. As you can see from the video below it works well for cutting up small branches, larger logs, lumber and pallets.

This innovative sawhorse comes ready to use right out of the box quickly folds down to make it easy to transport and  can be set up in seconds. The all steel construction and patented claw bites into the wood to hold it securely and eliminates awkward wooden sawhorses.

A firewood sawhorse will hold your wood off the ground which helps keep your chainsaw sharp and keeps it from pinching and binding in the log. The more comfortable cutting position can also be safer and help save your back.

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  1. bought one of these, much to light, should be longer, wider and heaver stock. regret the purchase

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