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Types of Firewood Splitters and Logs Splitters

Get log splitter reviews for some of the most popular firewood splitters. Whether you are a commercial firewood producer, or just stocking up with a winter supply for your own home, producing firewood can be a lot of work. Splitting with an ax, splitting maul or a wedge can be the most tiring part of the process as well as dangerous. Firewood splitters take a lot of the back breaking work out of the job and they can be fun to operate. If the wood has knots crooked grain or for whatever reason just tough to split that’s when a firewood logs splitter will really pay off.

There are many different types of firewood splitters or log splitters to chose from to fit your individual needs. Different models range from small hand powered splitters that you can carry by hand, trailer towed log splitter models with models for home owners, professionals and even high production models that are complete mechanized industrial firewood processors.

Trailer mounted hydraulic log splitters are the most common. Modern hydraulic splitters are simple to use. You set the log in place pull a lever and the wedge will split the wood into two pieces. If the pieces are still too large reposition each of those two pieces to be split into two again. Continue until you have the right size firewood for a fireplace or wood stove.

There are also models with multiple wedges that will split the log into several pieces in a single pass. These are usually on mechanized production models for commercial production.

Firewood splitters are simple machines and a lot of people choose to build their own. If you have the ability to cut and weld steel and some moderate mechanical knowledge it’s not that difficult to build one. The parts can be easily bought and you can find plans to build them online. There are mail order companies and companies online that can supply you with most of the mechanical parts like the engine, hydraulic pump, cylinder, valve (control lever) reservoir and hoses.

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  1. Nice list! It’s important to know the differences between these kinds of log splitter to give you an idea on what is the best and the right log splitter for your needs.

  2. I have a wood splitter that has been working great for about 5 years except for trouble starting it when it’s cold out. Above about 20 degrees it starts easily and runs great. When the engine is warm it starts easily – one pull. But as the temp drops closer to zero it gets almost impossible to start. It’s a Briggs & Stratton 650 series engine. Any suggestions for improving cold starting?

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