DR Log Splitters

DR Log Splitters – Gas or Electric DR Splitter Review

If you are looking for a DR log splitter you can get them from their manufacturer DR Power equipment in Vermont. DS builds several models of their DR log splitters from light duty to industrial strength. Their gas powered splitters are built to hold up to professionals use or for the causal home owner.  The DR Electric log splitter is a light duty splitter that can handle logs up to 10 inch in diameter.

I have never used a DR splitter but I found these videos of a guy putting his DS electric wood splitter to the test with by tackling a large log.

If you have any experience using DS splitters please post your comment below.

7 thoughts on “DR Log Splitters”

  1. I bought the DR 4-ton electric splitter a few years ago and love it! Thinking I would upgrade, I ordered the new 5-ton model a month or so ago. Unfortunately, it would seem that OSHA has left their mark on the new model, as it requires 2 hands to operate! If the wood shifts when you turn the splitter on – too bad! I had already found a buyer for the old splitter on Craigslist, but was so disappointed by the new one that I agreed to sell him the new one at the agreed-to price of the old one. Took a $160 loss on the deal, but consider it a lesson learned.

  2. My DR electric log splitter worked fine the first 2 years but now seem to be losing power. Anyone have any suggestions on how to restore it to previous levels. Thanks

  3. We bought the 6 ton splitter several years ago. The best use for it that I can think of is BOAT ANCHOR!!! Never has worked except on logs that are about too rotten to use.

  4. We have the 6 ton model. I find that initially it seemed to work fine, but after a year or so the breaker started tripping far too frequently. I find that sometimes the breaker trips when there is no load on the machine, it’s just sitting there humming away. That’s aggravating and really slows down the process. I’m thinking that the electrical part of the machine is somehow overheating as that is what happens when I use it heavy for a while. Net result is I haven’t used it for a few years and just pulled it out of storage again within the last week. I think I’ll pull the cover off of it and make sure there isn’t a mouse nest inside it.

  5. our wood splitter has ran well. we used it yesterday for an hour and took a break. it would not start. tried to. it had plenty of gas and oil. owners manual is no help.

  6. Bought the 8-ton hydraulic DR back in 2010. Worked great until this spring when the pushplate on the ram just bent back. I have been unable to locate a replacement part through DR Power Equipment. Our woodburner is our only heatsource and we burn fires from late Sept. until May.

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