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Husky Log Splitter Review

Huskee log splitters can be bought from Tractor Supply. I have never used one myself so I can’t give a personal recommendation. I found this video, I don’t know the guy but he gives a demonstration of his Huskee splitter in use. If you have any experience with a Huskee wood splitter please post your comments below.

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  1. I have a husky 22 ton splitter and it splitts anything I put in it. I don’t know what else to tell you but for 1,099 dollars you just can’t beat it. Sure you can spend a lot of money on a big splitter if you want to like the 6,000 dollar one at Northern Tools but the 22 ton husky is the best for the money.

  2. I bought a 28 ton Huskee log splitter on June 25, 2010 at Tractor Supply and two weeks later the spider gear blew out. The folks at Tractor Supply were great with support and had trouble getting my model repaired so they gave me another one. The only problem is that Huskee moved the engine to the right side and now the exhaust blows in your face when you split vertical. Not to mention the exhaust is blowing on the hydraulic tank! I was reluctant to take the unit because of the motor configuration. They told me to use it until mine could be repaired. So I did, one week later the spider gear blew out on that one!!! There are some defective parts or something dead wrong here. I am not splitting stumps and I have not put this unit under any unnecessary strain. I went back to pick up my splitter yesterday 9/17 and started it before I left the parking lot and gas was streaming from under the carburetor? This is unbelievable, the only saving grace is that Mr. Jason Saunders and his staff in Christansburg at TSC have been fantastic and assure me that all will be well. I have asked them to find me a 28 ton that has the motor on the left side (as hitch is between legs looking at splitter) like my first one but that may be a problem with Huskee’s new motor placement. I am trying to find a Huskee site to voice my opinion. This new motor placement is messed up. Someone needs to let them know they have created a problem. Let me know something when you can. Troubled in the Blue Ridge, Dave

  3. I have the Huskee 22 ton. Bought it about two and a half years ago. At the time, I thought I wanted a bigger splitter, but I bought the 22 ton because of the lower price. Mine works better than this one. This one bogs down, mine does not. I have split some extremely difficult pieces, the crotches of trees where multiple limbs ran off. I have never given it something it could not split. They took some more time and I had to reposition the log a few times, but it split it.

    After having this, I can tell you that I would not want a larger splitter because they are heavier and more difficult to maneuver if you have to do it by hand. This is the perfect size.

    I always have a trusted helper. It makes the process so much easier. I sit on a stool an hold the pieces up against the beam while she works the control and takes the split pieces and puts them into the cart.

    The other thing I recommend is to have a hatchet or axe handy to cut the stringy wood holding pieces together after the splitter has gone through.

  4. Don is right. This splitter will split about anything you feed it and it’s light enough to move and handle easily. The only problem I’ve experienced after 2 seasons of splitting is a broken jaw coupling that drives the hydraulic pump.(I gave it some pretty gnarly logs to chew on.) The replacement I bought at TSC is a lot beefier like the one on the 35 ton unit. I did find that the splitting wedge doesn’t go down far enough to completely split a knotty log at times. I made a 2 1/2″ cleat to fit on the base and the wedge goes down to it and splits the log completely every time.The motor is a bit noisy and I found I need ear protection or it really gets to you after while. All in all…a great splitter.

  5. I do think Dave’s complaint about engine mounting configuration on the new models is legitimate. I can see where the exhaust would be right in your face.

  6. I bought the 35ton model back in 2005 at TSC. I have split well over 100 cords of wood with it since then without one single problem. Whatever it won’t split it just cuts!I think I paid about $1500 for it then and it has been worth every penny. I made a log rack for it out of steel and that makes it so much nicier to use with big pieces you need to half first. I change the oil and filters once every year…no problems so far!

  7. I bought my husband a the logsplitter last year, first day on the job, the hydraulic broke, took it back requested our money back but were forced to take another, used it 3 times before putting it away for the season. got it out this week, and the engine locked up, had it sent away, got the phone call today, not being covered under warranty, claiming all kinds of different problems, not willing to help me one bit, first say piston damage, no oil, gas in the oil etc…. every imaginable excuse to not fix my log splitter… tractor supply has been unhelpfull, briggs and stratton has been unhelpful, the whole company has been unhelpful… this logsplitter was run less than 4 hours total. im displeased with this whole situation. Tractor Supply in cumberland maryland let me down, the warranty mechanic has been rude and unhelpful, as has been the people i have talked to from briggs and stratton. Not a company I will ever deal with again…. excuse the bad grammer, but im very upset… and for the record, i saved for a long time to surprise my husband with this gift, $1100 is a lot of money for me to come up with, and this multimillion dollar company is welching on their warranty…

  8. Shannon…it sounds like you may have run the engine with no oil in the crankcase. If that’s the case your warranty definitely won’t cover it no matter what company made it. If you’re blaming all these people it looks like the fault is really yours.

  9. I’ve had a Huskee 22ton splinter for about 8 years. The problem is the carburator linkage has worn out and i need carb parts for it. It is a 6 horse briggs @ stratton, so far ive not be about to find parts for it. Sure could use some help.

  10. Sorry Shannon John is right. A lot of times they are assembled without oil or enough oil. The consumer doesn’t check it and just starts using it then, well we have your situation Shannon. I have a 35 ton model. It has over 1200 hours and more than a few hundred of cords under it’s belt. I just put a new engine on it and it is back in action. Welded some steel plates on either side to help hold the larger trunk sections and couldn’t be more pleased. It literally cuts anything. I’ve put 20+ inch long by 32″ wide pieces with three crotches/knot from leaders on it and if it don’t split it just cuts right through. The only issue is what John and Don mentioned. It doesn’t cut all the way through but a 2″ – 2 1/2″ cleat is a quick easy cure. Happy splitting!

  11. I to have a 22 ton huskee log splitter after using it about fours times and having it approx 1 year I took it out and split one piece of wood and the engine stopped and was locked up got the call today after having it sent out going to cost three hundred dollars engine is blown oil was checked every time before use and was changed after a couple hours of use break in period. The employees at the store are trying to make excuses no oil dirty oil etc to not have to fix it having trouble getting help even show the manger there was oil in the splitter before it was sent off. Wouldn’t you know I also bought mine from Cumberland Maryland. I grew up on a farm and no how to take car of my things. This splitter was kept in a shed and cred for very well. I would love to know what I can do very pissed at the people from this store will be my last purchase

  12. Dan Walker :I’ve had a Huskee 22ton splinter for about 8 years. The problem is the carburator linkage has worn out and i need carb parts for it. It is a 6 horse briggs @ stratton, so far ive not be about to find parts for it. Sure could use some help.

    Dan, my buddy has a 9-yr-old old 22-ton SpeeCo SplitMaster…SpeeCo also sells their splitters with the brand name “Huskee” to Tractor Supply and Del’s Feed & Farm Supply, so it’s likely the same as yours. He had the same problem getting carburetor parts. He’d liked the old B&S engine, but was tired of getting his ears blown off. He said “to heck with it”, and just replaced the old engine with a Honda 190cc horizontal shaft engine from Northern Tool (think he paid a bit over $250 for it?). He loves it, more powerful than the B&S, only about 20% as loud, easy to install. Best of all he unloaded the old B&S to his “ugly” neighbor for $50. The guy thinks he can jury rig a variable carb control and use it to power his kid’s go-cart…so we’ll get a lot of laughs out of watching him try. It was definitely a win-win! Good luck.


  14. I bought a 22 ton log splitter from TSC it works great splitting The only problem I have had with it is the control valve stick REAL BAD it the reverse position and has blown the return hose 3-4 times, IT is 2 years old, I talked to a guy at a repair shop that TSC told me I could get parts from and they INFORMED me that there was a RECALLED on the control valve and they have fix 3 or 4 so far. TSC said they know nothing about a recall.If anybody know anything about a recall please E-mail me @

  15. I have a 35 ton Huskee that I purchased from TSC.I had hyd. oil leaks on first unit, they replaced the cylinder, 65 hours, and 3 years later this cylinder seal and cap broke, I had to order a new cylinder.

  16. Bought a Huskee 28 Ton splitter from TSC in Benton Arkansas. IT’s been a great splitter, splitting anything I put in it. Nothing too rough though. On my third tank of gas today, and the coupler between the engine and the pump flies apart. I always wear tinted safety glasses when I split, but this evening it was getting dark and I took them off so I could see to split those last couple of sticks. When the coupler went, a small piece of metal stuck in my arm. Lucky it didn’t get my eye. Clear glasses from now on.

    Called TSC and they said bring it back and get another one. I don’t want to have this problem every three tanks of gas. I’m gonna see if they have a sturdier coupler that will fit. Even if I have to buy it, it woukd be better than wondering when it’s gonna go out again. We’ll see tomorrow.

    Other than the exhaust blowing in my face,(and the coupler) I’ve been more than happy with this unit. I would like to get it fixed and use it from here on.

    I’ll report back later when I get this solved.

  17. I bought a 35 ton splitter in 2006 from TSC, have countless hrs on this unit. Have kept it serviced, and maintained, and would recommend buying one to anyone. Mine has saved me a great deal of work.
    I understand anyone can get a “lemon”, but as for my machine, its great.

  18. Got my splitter fixed. The good folks at TSC in Benton took great care of me. When I took the coupler apart, the engine side gear had a tooth missing. The pump side gear was fine and the rubber spacer was tore up. The alan screw on the pump side was backed out and there was no key in the slot. Plus the gear on the pump side had to be pressed off, hiding the slot for the key. No sign of the key in sight. That told me that the key on the pump side was not installed whenever the unit was put together.

    I think that the key was left out, the alan screw run down. The vibration backed the alan screw out and allowed the gear to back out slightly and bust the teeth then separated enough that the coupler started slipping.

    The manager at TSC in Benton had a new coupler sent next day air, no charge to me. I installed the new coupler, keys and a drop of blue locktite on the alan screws. Set the gap and tightened it down.

    I am now on my sixth tank of gas and it works perfectly. I would definately recommend this splitter to anyone looking for a strong reliable splitter.

  19. I bought the 35 ton electric start a year ago and have had constant trouble and ZERO support from TSC in York Pa,
    TSC stocks no parts and has no information on where one can either get parts or service and this machine needs constant service. To date I am guessing that I have split about 40 cords of mixed hardwoods, nothing extraordinary. The starter works half the time because the ground is not to the frame. The return hose blew 3 or 4 times until I replaced it and the fittings with ( imagine this) hydraulic hose, that does not break down when exposed to hydraulic oil. Now the pump supply hose has blown apart and again no parts are to be found. My recommendation for anyone looking for a machine that you want to really work when you want to work is to keep looking past TSC, I surely wish that I had.

  20. i purchased the 22ton model and i am disgusted after two months i think it is junk wouldnt reccomend it to anyone never started right blew up on me once already and every bolt on it was loose

  21. I purchased a 35 ton husky from TSC in Charleston SC one year ago with a 4 year warranty. The pull rope mechanism broke when the log splitter was about 6 months old so I called TSC they put me in touch with NEW Warranty Co. they sent me to the warranty service center. I was pleased with the way things were handled with NEW.
    About 3 weeks ago the engine locked up and a bent splitter rail frame. I contacted New Warranty Co. they sent me to another service center this time. I was extremely disappointed because they would not cover the breakdown under the warranty. The customer service was horrible they were rude, uncooperative and said they were not a Husky dealer and could not fix or help me so I had to pay them to fix the machine.So I contacted NEW Warranty Co. and asked them why did I have a warranty to cover breakdowns when the company they send me to doesn’t fix their equipment so they sent me to a third Warranty Co.which they said my break down should have been covered with out any questions asked. They are now trying to help me with the bent splitter rail frame. My machine has been down for 2 weeks waiting for answers – I am very disappointed with New Warranty Co. but am pleased with TSC. Will post with end result.

  22. Just bought a used 35 ton Huskee log splitter. It was bought new 3 months ago. One wheel bearing had already gone out on the previous owner. The TSC dealer he bought it from had replaced the bearing. While towing the splitter home the other wheel bearing went out on me. Has any body else had problems with the wheel bearings?

  23. I been looking at the 35 ton huskie at TSC. I borre a 22 ton last year and it did everything I asked of it. After reading all the comments i am second guessing the huskie splitters reliability. I t seems like they are either great or complete lemons. No in between.

  24. we bought a 35 ton speeco last fall, it can be 15 degrees out first pull starts every matter what i put under it, its splitting or cutting its way through! has any one used the 4 way splitting wedge add on? if u have, how close does it go to the bottom of the stop? does it split well? thought about making a new head but looks a little complicated with the cradle. cant find just the head anywhere so i can just add on 2 splitting edges, seems pretty easy to just swap the heads i think?

  25. Bought the 35 ton TSC splitter about 2 weeks ago. Before use you should check out everything. The first thing I found was the hydraulic fluid was about 2 gallons shy. I went back to the store and the Manager gave me a 2 gallon can of fluid. One thing I forgot to do was check the hose clamps on the return hose. I split a trailer load of elm which was tough, knarly, and stringy. This splitter will go through anything period.
    Unfortunately, on ther last piece of wood the return hose blew off the connection and I lost about a gallon and a half of hydraulic fluid before I could get the engine shut down. Went all over me and the splitter and the drive. Quite a mess. I put the hose back on and secured both ends with 2 hose clamps and no trouble since. I would prefer a regular threaded hydraulic hose instead of a hose with clamps on this caliber of equipment!! Engine(1650 B&S)starts easily and usually on the 1st pull. Ran it about 4 1/2 hours then changed the oil. so far, so good. Very nice splitter.

  26. I have one of TSC’S older units marked 25 ton.It looks,size wise the same as the now rated 22 ton model.Ithink it has a 6hp Tecumseh motor. I love it and have had no hydraulic problems with it. It always gets the job done. However, lately it has been stalling a lot, sometimes when it is not working, between cycles. Diagnoses from anyone would be much appreciated as I have already done the “run of the mill”. I replaced the gas cap,and because it has no fuel filter, I put one on it. It always starts right back up, but it dies like it is not getting fuel. It doesn’t do this every tank full, but may do it several times with one tank full. I have tried high test gas too and cleaned bowl of carb.Help!

  27. Update: Not easy for me to give up, I think I found the problem. I put on a larger, heavier gas line that helps isolate vibrations from the splitter, disrupting gas flow momentarily to the carburetor causing it to die. Was using the see thru flex line. It was getting hard with age and although was not kinked, it was somewhat restrictive. Ran splitter all day with no interruptions!

  28. Just bought the 27 ton model thinking ok life is going to be good than i read everyone else posts now i’m nervous.I ran 2 tanks of gas through it,could not believe how it guzzles it.But was amazed how it split very large trunks.Would love to put a Honda motor on it Just not a Briggs/strat. fan.

  29. I bought a 22 ton 6.5 B/S. It’s funny how some bog down and others don’t. I have split some 3 foot green logs with mine, red oak, white oak, pin oak, elm and even some sassafras. My piston will slow but very seldom will the engine bog, like the above one. The only problem I have had with mine was that when I towed it, when I got to where I was going, there was hydraulic fluid that had leaked out of the fill hole. Simple fix with plumbers tape. I have now split 8 cords without any problems. By the way, if you put a small log by the foot, about 13-14 inches in front, when you are splitting large logs, it presses them tight up against the splitter. You don’t have to hold them against it while your splitting them.

  30. We have a brand new 22-ton Huskee horizontal splitter, We’ve used it for about 6 hours per day for the past 4 days. Today I pulled the lever in order to split a piece, the splitter went about a foot, then i heard a metallic snapping noise (Almost like the sound when the lever moves from the auto-return position to the neutral position). Immediately after hearing this noise, the splitter stopped. The lever is completely useless now, its alomst like the mechanism inside the silver lever case broke. The engine runs fine, plenty of oil, gas, hydraulic fluid, but the splitter doesnt respond to any movement of the lever. Any suggestions?

  31. My Neighbor and I went in together on the Huskee 22ton and we have loved it, we change the fluids every year. I split about 40 face cord every 2yrs and he splits about double that. Granted we are splitting 16inch logs and they are not monsters either. I would recommend this splitter to any homeowner, now if you split more than this and bigger logs you might want something like the 35ton but not really needed, this splitter will do any log you put in front of it.

  32. Love my Huskee 28 ton, had an old homemade splitter for many years, I was worried it might be slow, but this thing splits large stumps (and with the optional 4 way on the maul) in a fraction of the time. I can move it around the yard by myself and the Honda motor runs like a champ, not too loud either. Love Tractor Supply, good folks and local help that are alway friendly.

  33. Has anyone tried to redirect the exhaust so that it doesn’t blow in the operator’s face? Seems like there should be a simple part to add on to resolve this issue.

  34. Have had 22 T for about ten years and have struggled with the motor for the last four, rebuilding the carb and finally giving up on it when I couldn’t discover an electrical problem. I think the magneto is shot. Anyway, will never buy anything with a Briggs and Stratton motor again. Shameful that this American product has devolved into a cheap, break-down prone bag of crap. We used to build things right, figuring that the profits would come because the consumer would come. Now we build them for the profit, and to hell with the consumer.

    I raised the bracket for the sprocket by an inch, bought a Honda from Craig’s list for $100 (twice the cost of a new mag), and the log splitter purrs now. I’ve had mine for about ten years and struggled with it the last four. Like I said, done with B & S, a once proud mfr of goods. Had similar results with the aux. power generator.

  35. I purchased a 22ton splitter fron Tractor Supply. The machine does not even have 5 hours run time on it and the coupler is broken already. Sad part is I have not split anything bigger than 12 inches and those pieces have been cut over a year ago. So I guess I’ll see what Tractor Supply has to say.

  36. I have a 22 ton log splitter with name of Husky on it. It worked fine last year but now the hydraulic system is not working. It will not automatically stop in the fully extended position. You have to manually push it forward at that point or the engine will cut off. If you don’t do this i’m afraid that it will split a hose. One repairman said that you have to replace the whole hydraulic assembly. Any one out there have the same problem. Sounds like me that it should be the matter of a o-ring or something but shouldn’t have to replace the whole thing.

  37. is there a problem with the control valve on the 22 ton unit. I have used mine for two years and now i am getting blow by noise from the valve and havn’t used it that roughly. small branch cuts oak and maple plus 1yr+ dried wood splitter hyd. just stall after piercing part way I know there is a o-ring kit for the valve but tsc does not sell but where.

  38. I purchased a Huskee 22 Ton Splitter about 4 years ago. It does not get a real workout, but has split about 4-5 cords of wood over that time period. The Hydralic pump was leaking after about 8-9 months of use. They said they replaced it but it has never worked as well since. Yesterday I went to split a couple of logs and the pump quit. Now I can replace the pump. Hope I can find an aftermarket pump, as it may last longer.

  39. my first year using the 22 ton model bought from TS—and it worked GREAT! split through 18 cord of rock maple, beach ,oak and yellow birch(the really nasty, stringy kind too) checked the oil before every woodsplitting session and never had to add a drop.

  40. I too purchased a 22 ton Huskee log splitter from Tractor Supply in Cumberland Md. I got it home and split approximately 6 logs when I discovered a hydraulic leak. After checking I discovered one of the flare nut had split. I returned the splitter to the store without any problem. They didn’t have any more 22 ton splitters available so I purchased the 35 ton. So far I have owned it for 3 days and it seems to work flawlessly. I have split several cord of wood and no problems.

  41. I bought the Husky 22 ton model from TSC in Macomb, MI in January 2011. I have split over 50 face cords since I bought it !! Some days I run this thing for hours on end. It has worked flawlessly up until a week ago. The engine started stalling every few minutes even without a load on it. Put some dry gas in it and it seemed to solve the problem. I think I might have gotten some bad gas. Too soon to tell if this fixed the problem over the long term, and I will post if it does…
    Otherwise, this is a great economical splitter. The paint could be better.

  42. my 22 ton husky splitter jsut quit splitting the lever was moving and the engine runs but nothing was happening.. I called the 1 800 number and a the guy was great he told me where to look to find out the prob. my coupler is broken inbetween the motor and the pump. only one month old
    he could order me one.. i called the local TS and they said they have them in stock.

  43. bought the 22 ton husky and it was on sale for 800 becuase the folks that first owned it busted the love-joy within 30 minutes of use (Cause, was a bent frame from the factory) so they supposably put a new frame on it. I started looking around at reviews becuase I just busted the Lovejoy and ive probably split around 6 chords since i bought. Maybe a defective part? or they didnt really put a new frame on and just replaced the lovejoy? Idk but it doesnt sound like im the only one with this problem

  44. I bought a 35 Ton Husky Log Splitter From Tractor Supply in Port Huron. I ordered the extra catch pre-load rack from them, and never received any word after 3 months. Went back to check on it, and they said they had no record of it. Brought my receipt back and they said they discontinued the item number and could not get a hold of their representative. Finally they refunded me the money for the special order.

    It was used only 3 times. Once to start it up, and check it, another time to split about 3 cord of wood, and this last winter on a 10′ degree frozen day, my friend started it up to split some wood, and the hydrolic cylinder slowly stopped moving back and forth. It doesn’t seem to be seized, but there is no hydrolic movement.

    The engine starts on the first pull, and runs perfectly. I have kept it stored in my garage and all of the fluids have been checked regularly. The Hydrolic fluid was only half full in the tank, there are no leaks so I assume it was that way from the beginning. I filled it the remaining amount to full, but there was no change in the operational capacity of this splitter. I went to TSC, but I was a few days beyond the warranty period, and they said they had no clue as to what might be wrong or what I could do. They suggested that I take it to the local Warranty repair facility that they use for repairs.

    It is virtually brand new, and I paid $1700 for it because I wanted to get one that I felt was going to last. Very disappointed about the whole situation. TSC kept no record of the purchase on file or in their computer and could not even give me information until I produced the original purchasing receipt, and even though I presented them with my problem a week before the warranty expired, but unknowingly failed to return with the receipt in time for it to apply, they denied me any real assistance. Their mechanical or technical knowledge seemed extremely lacking and absolutely no help. In fact it was a tremendous burden for them to even access location information about their warranty repair contractor.

    Does anyone have any advice or clue as to what the problem could possibly be. every thing seems to be working except for the cylinder. There is some white lithium grease at the end of the cylinder just before the splitter wedge, although I think my friend put it there to see if it might be helpful.

    I am not a mechanic or very inclined, but it looks as though it could be a seal or possibly the hydrolic pump. The reviews I read talk about this love joy part, Jaw couplings, and spider gears. Are they easy to replace, are they expensive, any advice or help? Please and thank you.

  45. Robert,Please contact me at 800-525-8322 ext 1146 I am with technical support at SpeeCo. I would like to help you.


  46. We bought a 35 ton 10+ years ago and we love it. We had to replace the flexible coupling one time and just recently replaced the control value…it was full of rust, but it sits out in the weather a lot! We went online and order a replacement value, when we installed it the handle seems like it works backwards…actually it does because Carol was the first to try it out! All lines are as originally installed (double checked this), has anyone run into this problem? Could we just swap the supply from the pump and the return to tank? Thanks, we have lots of wood to get split!

  47. Simply great a splitter goes through any thing with out a hitch, I had a leaky hydraulic line the first time I used it. I tightened the fittings and problem solved. Great value, I would suggest it to any one.

  48. If you really want a log splitter check out timber wolf.

    I have the tw-6 and it has handled 40″w x 18″L rounds no problems. it has a hydr lift to handle those 350 pounds rounds.

    And yes this one costed $9000.00 and yes I try to used it every chance I get,And yes I could have gotten a cheaper one, but you get what you paid for and after reading reviews from Huskee,TroyBuilt,Northern tools, I am glad timber wolf was there. and to say Thank You to all the people who worte those nice reviews for Huskee,TroyBuilt,Northern tools

  49. Regardless of the diameter of the pieces I’m splitting, I almost always use the horizontal mode. Not because I’m the strongest man who ever lived (I’m 65 and have worked outdoors in construction for most of my life.) but because I set up a temporary platform using four up-turned rounds and a 3/4 inch sheet of plywood at the same height(or slightly higher) as the splitter. I use my 1957 Ford 850 tractor with an old 4 ft bucket on an equally ancient Wagner Ironworks front-end loader to place the firewood on the plywood and simply roll the pieces onto the splitter. Easier than wrasslin’ them in the vertical position. And then I just toss the split wood into the bucket and dump it into my drying shed. Admittedly I do this on my own land with logs I harvest right here for my own use, and I don’t do this on other people’s property, but if you have a Bobcat and a trailer, what’s gonna prevent you from hauling a 4×8 sheet of 3/4 ply into the woods?

  50. If I could afford something better than a little c.$1000 22T splitter, I don’t suppose I would continue with my cave-man method, but I’m only cutting and splitting for my own use and not for profit.

  51. Have the 35 TON Huskee Piece of crap. The return hose has blown off three times. The hose is deteriorating from the hydrolick fluid. Why would you use hoses that are incompatible with the fluid they are supposed to carry? Not only that but the auto return gets stuck and nearly stalls the engine if you don’t trip the lever yourself. Spend your money on another brand splitter.

  52. When I considered replacing the B&S 650 engine for my 22 ton Huskee splitter, I contacted, hoping to find a Honda 190cc for it. I was informed that Briggs and Stratton does not recognize the 650 engine as theirs! The labels are clearly B&S so I’m wondering if this engine is a China knockoff with a B&D label. Anyone have an answer to this?

  53. I bought the 22 ton log splitter from TSC, 3 years ago. Vibration problems from day 1. The engine has vibrated itself to death. Mounting brackets have broke and this year the carb fell right off the motor. Husky customer service has not returned email inquiries and the unit is a month out of warranty. When I first contacted TSC about this, the unit was still under warranty. Because I didnt get it there right away, the warranty window has closed and TSC will no longer help. for $1,099.00, is it too much to expect a product to work for more then 40 hours?!? Thanks TSC, you got my money, I hope this post saves someone else from giving you theirs.

  54. We bought one from tractor supply in sept. Waited until it was cold and used it on our first load of wood. It broke and tractor supple won’t even replace it. We payed 1000 dollars for it and because it was over 30 days we get nothing. I wouldn’t buy this piece of crap for nothing. They don’t mention it only has a 30 day warranty unless you buy another warranty from tractor supply. I have learned my lesson. Any company like tractor supply that won’t stand behind there product. DONT BUY IT!! ASK!!!

  55. bought a huskee 22 ton logsplitter today from tractor supply,drove 50 mi,les to get it. it ran for 5 min and wouldnt run again. took it back and got a different one, used it on about 20 pieces of wood and heard something snap , took it back , the manager said thats not covered, they do that all the time, there was some argueing and we came home without one, this was all in one day, today, he said we used bad gas and all kinds of stuff, what are you doing with it? splitting logs dumb ass. he shouldnt be a manager, the tall guy, because hes wrong, and lost a good coustomer, hel find out it wasnt anything we did but he would never admit it . no more huskees

  56. I bought a huskee 22ton log splitter in 07. The only thing that has happened with it is the pop rivets holding recoil vibrated and were loose. Drilled them out and replaced with knew ones. I do not run the engine wide open about 3/4. Use it throught out the year with no problems. It had been good. I burn 5 cords wood a year


  57. It is sad they don’t make anything like they used to. I got a new 22 ton splitter and after just a couple of hours use blew out the control valve. Just a 25 cent O-ring I know, its the hastle. I Biggest complaint is this just won’t start in cold (40 -degree)weather, even with 5W30. The neighbors is probably 20 years old still going strong.

  58. Have had very good luck with the runability. BUT the wheel bearing design is faulty. The seals seal against a painted axle that is not machined for the seal. Had Tractor Supply compensate for this but the seals only hold out/up for 50 -100 miles before the water washes out the blue waterproof gease and destryos the bearings and races

  59. I am shocked to hear the negative comments. I have had mine about seven years and have never had a problem. It looks the same as the new ones at TS except for a more rounded design of the new engine.

  60. Bought a 35 ton huskee a few years ago- Has plenty of power , Has a 12 hp briggs.The recoil is very cheap plastic and replaced it 3 times in 2 years.the plastic pawls break easily. It would break your arm and pop back and bust the recoil, I got an old craftsman 17 hp 1 cylinder with a blown up engine ,took the windings and flywheel off and replaced the pull start recoil with a electric start converion. put a battery to it and a key switch and starts up every time. The sad it couldn’t be done so they can sell you a new engine.I would bring it in to get fixed and it would take them 2 weeks to fix it under warranty. I could have ordered a new one and put it on myself and had it fixed in 2 days. lost a lot of time splitting season.the warranty dealer was 40 miles away. Sucked.

  61. I have wheel seal problem also . trip home 7 mi. seal came out of hub tapped it back in while in the woods back out in 1/2 mi. so headed to the shop with mic and slide rule to see what to heck is going on,yes it’s warrantied but they’ll probably slide the seal back on and send it home. PS this is a brand new one day old machine . will not start in 20 degree weather either that was the 3rd day flustered yes !
    sPLITTER WORKS GREAT when it’s going . maybe I can buy a car caddy to get it to and from the woods lol ! oh and a block heater.

  62. Yes I did . I am not senile. However I have also pulled over 200 times to get it going. Nothing.
    I guess tomorrow I will have to call for help nobody there today.

  63. Got one for 2011 xmas present it ran one time. Spent more energy pulling to start it than if I would have just split wood by hand, took it back they gave me a new one that vibrated so bad pulling it with my Lincoln navigator I could feel my steering wheel shaking, got home loaded it on a trailer took it back and got my brothers money back. I expected better from huskee and TSC what a piece of crap!

  64. Vernon I had the same trouble and found it was the rubber primer was not working proper. I wet mt finger every time I prime it and that seems to do the trick.

  65. for those huskee buyers most of tractor supply splitters are made in china. do not expect the same quality as usa made product. gasoline must be high octane and de-enathnol additive added, hydraulic oil must be thin enoughto flow, must warm up at least 30-60 min, the flow pumps are low flow per minute because of small engine. the slide needs to be oiled often to reduce friction. do not leave log splitter outside. shut fuel off when not in use. use not leave gas in tank more than a week because of the ethanol eats up the rubber fitts and carb

  66. I bought a 22 ton Huskey in 2010 and split 13 cords of wood with it and kept it stored all winter in a regular garage no heat all winter. Went out three pulls it started right up and have split another 2 cords so far. I have changed the engine oil twice after the first 25 hours and then at the end of the season and changed the Hydro oil at the end of the season. I do not use ATF in it I use the recommending oil. I love mine and I split large logs.

  67. my 22 ton huskee log splitter starts runs and works well except for the auto reverse valve can i rebuild it with parts from tractor supply or will i get the same bull shit run around that this company is know for.

  68. my 22 ton huskee log splitter starts runs and works well except for the auto reverse valve can i rebuild it with parts from tractor supply

  69. Have a Husky 35 ton splitter, bought it off a friend who had to take the first one back to TSC. Split 3 cords of wood so far, won’t split another piece till I change the wedge and make it 3 inches taller and wider so it just misses the hold down frame.

  70. well I have had my splitter now for two years. I needed a splitter and a buddy wanted a 22-250 so we swapped. He loves the rifle and I love the splitter. It is a 22 ton and it splits everything. I split oar ash and locus. Mine has never had a problem and if asked if this splitter was worth my rifle I would say it was a good trade for both. The only problem I have now is the coupling broke, but big deal. I work this splitter hard and it works great. If you want a splitter this is the one to buy. if you keep fresh oil and fresh gas in it at all times this plitter will work for years to come.

  71. I did a lot of research,talked to experienced pro wood cutters and bought a 22 ton huskee splitter today at Red Bluff Tractor Supply. Splitter seemed to do all people claim it will do with no fuss, tell ya how it is in about 50 cords. This is the first time in 60 years Ive written about a product and its really about the folks at TS in Red Bluff. A couple phone calls, then asked them to hold their last one for me (about 1.5 hours away) which they did with no credit card #etc.etc. When i got there they were pleasant helpfull,we had it loaded paid for and driving away in minutesl. Great People-bet they see more business from me and my friends.

  72. I just bought a logsplitter but it definitely wasnt a huskee, they are nothing but cheaply made chineese junk and in the end you get what you pay for. People with older ones have a good machine which was made here, the new ones are throw aways.I looked at them up close and saw nothing I wanted, kinda like the junk at lowes or home depot. I split alot of hardwood mostly locust and dont wanta have to buy something twice so I spent the money for an American made splitter that will last.

  73. This is the second season for my 22 ton Husky log splitter. Ran good up to the end of last season. Then the engine kept stopping every little bit. This year it will start each time I prime it but will only run a few seconds. Cleaned the carb but same results. Any help? Must be a Chinese knock off (bought at TSC) because I can’t find the model at any of the B&S or parts sites. Model 120000 650 series.

  74. Neighbor called and needed a “little” welding done on his Huskie 22 Ton. What had happened is one of the guide rails that keeps the splitter head on track had bowed out and split the weld that held it to the I beam. We staightened the angle iron guide and rewelded it to the beam. Also noticed that the other angle iron’s weld had broken also.
    Just left the TS Store and noticed that they have updated and changed the guides to alot stronger design. Is there any retro parts or repair that would make this splitter more dependable? It is only a matter of time before the angle iron guide fails again.

  75. bought a 22 ton spliter to try. not a bad machine, second day i had it it would not start or i would run for a few seconds, i kept flooding the cylinder. when i pulled the plug i got online and did a little research. the plugs they sell in the motor are for a high output coil, gess what thats not the type of coil thats in it. talked to a budy at the local auto parts store and he soled me a spark plug for a weed eater. it is about 3 times hoter of a plug. works flawless. it starts in 1 pull when it is over 40 degres outside, if its colder it takes two pulls. i prim the ball 5 times before i start it. just this past weekend me and 8 of my buddies did a job for habitat for humanity. we split 23 cords of wood in two days between 9 spliters. we had all different makes and moldles. the huskee went thru everything i thru at it. the was a splitter there the guy paid almost 5000 dollars for that couldnt split some of the wood, i put the wood on the 22 ton huskee and if it didnt split the wood it cut thru it. well worth the money. just had to change the plug and it is reliable as a good dog.

  76. Huskee 27 Ton vertical/horizontal log splitter. The weld failed and the I-beam broke in half. That in turn bent the cylinder piston. The I-beam was obsolete and I paid $106 to have it straightened and re-welded. The guy did a nice job. The cylinder is available, but ordering a replacement is a PIA. New part numbers and a different nomenclature from the owners manual make it a crap shoot as to whether the part is the correct one. SpeeCo was helpful, but then you have to order parts from John Day Company and they treated me like I was bothering them. Last week I was quoted $199 + shipping for a cylinder and then this morning when I called to place the order, the price went up $40. When I asked for an explanation, the second guy dusted me off and sent me to voice mail. I don’t know how this will shake out yet, but money wise I could have bought firewood and had it delivered for less.

  77. Bought a 28 ton splitter and have only split about 20 cords over last 2 years…just had the coupler go and needs new spider, otherwise not complaints with this splitter. Has split any size wood I’ve put in.

  78. I purchased a Huskee 22 ton splitter from TSC in March of 2009. I split approximately 18-20 cords per year. I have to say this splitter has handled anything I put through it. I’ve cut some rock maple up to 30″ in diameter, almost too big to handle, and put the splitter to the test. No problems what so ever. Even twisted, knotty elm either splits or gets cut right through. This unit came with the Briggs 650 series engine. Starts easily no matter what the temp is. I might run the throttle at 50% max most of the time. Fuel usage is minimal. By the time I need to refuel, its time for a break and another cup of coffee anyway. It’s hard to believe all the problems I’m reading about regarding this machine. Maybe I just lucked out. After all those years of using an axe, maul and/or wedge, I thoroughly love this machine and couldn’t enjoy splitting wood more. Yea, it has a minute hydraulic fluid leak or two on the auto-return valve but it’s a machine and it’s going to get dirty. A little wipe down at the end of the day and it looks like new again. Also these valves have had their issues, particularly when retracting the cylinder once the oil gets hot. Other than that, I have no complaints and would recommend this splitter for any home owner.

  79. You’ll probably think this is stupid, but I don’t have my husband any more. But, in towing the splitter one tire came loose. Can anyone tell me how to get this tubeless tire back tight around the rim? I can’t get the rim off the splitter either. Thank you

  80. I bought a husky 35 ton splitter in 2009 from tsc in souyh haven, MI. Have split 250+ cords to date, have changed the return and supply hoses once. Only issue is the exhaust blows toward you while using in the vertical position, i just loosened the clamp on the exhaust tip and turned it, works great. Have not yet to find anything this couldn’t split. I’ve used it to bend exhaust pipes,steel,press bearings and even break down tires off rims. Would highly recommend this splitter for anyone.

  81. I bought the 22 ton Huskee from TSC in Sept 2012 Used it twice for about 1 hour. Started fine both times. A week later this B&S engine absolutely will NOT start. Took it in for repair. They replaced some gasket in Carborator near primer I guess. It Still wont start for me. In all the reviews I’ve searched I have seen a suggestin to change the spark plug to a Champion J-8. Has anyone else found a solution to the hard starting problem with the B&S engine. Any help is appreciated cause if it won’t run, it’s a usless piece of junk. And which spark plug is better to solve this problem ? thanks

  82. I have the same problem with 22 ton speeco that I just bought in Sept 2012…hard to start now that it’s 40 degrees outside. I pulled and pulled, finally tried starting fluid, would fire but no start. Took plug out and heated with a torch, finally started. Ran about 30 minutes, went to start again and it needed choke to restart, but it started. Not sure why it need to be choked, it was shut off for less than 5 minutes? Not sure it’s a B&S though? Appears to be a Honda look alike and no primer for starting. Maybe change the speark plug to a hotter plug? I run premium due to the gas problems. Any suggestions?

  83. Mark I have a 20+ year old speeco that finally needed a replacement engine. I installed a harbour frieght “greyhound” engine as it was 1/5 the cost. It has the appearance of a honda, but it is just a cheap knockoff. Anyway I figured out that if I start it by spraying gas into the carb for a few minutes then it will continue running and maintains steady power to split. Maybe not the same problem, just my .02$ worth.

  84. Got a 22 ton spliter Hard to start and i seen it had a champion spark plug in took it out put in to trash bin and put a autolite 85 plug in it and it starts first pull everytime Great spliter I workit hard

  85. Got a SPEE CO (manufacturer of Husky)35 ton log splitter with a Honda 270 motor 2 weeks ago. Have split abt 4 to 5 cords so far.
    Honda GX motor starts every time first pull even under 20 deg. Motor surprisingly quiet and since it really doesn’t need to run wide open to split at a good speed it is way easier on gas than any other splitter I have used. I have only seen it go into “low speed” once with an obnoxious multi knot piece of wood. So far very pleased with the machine. Would still recommend buying even with all the cons below.

    Cons/design deficiencies: Most are just aggrivations.
    1)Bottom plate too short – should be at least 4 to 5 inches longer. If only splitting < 12 inch wood no big deal.
    2)Wedge needs to be at least 3 inces higher. Wedge needs to have the spreader "wings" at least 2"(an inch on each side) wider. Bolt holding wedge on sticks out and wood bangs into it just abt every time.(bigger wings would fix this issue)
    3)Entire wedge/piston device is SEVERLY loose in the frame. Rocks back and forth way too much and clanks and vibrates. From one extreme to another is probably abt 2 to 3 inches.
    4)Bolt holding the wedge on to the piston is at least one size too small and makes clanking noise everytime it changes direction.
    5)Hydraulic fluid reservoir too small for amt filled (may be because the 5"cylinder is really large compared to the smaller versions that use the same tank ?). Once warmed up, when the cylinder returns and the detent valve returns to neutral, hydraulic fluid shoots abt 6 inches out the relief (reservior is filled to the minimum line).If splitter is out of level even a little bit it weeps out the relief hole.Installing a nipple and coupling in the threads and replacing the cap will probably fix the issue.
    6)A nice jack stand is included but if the splitter is attached to the towing vehicle and is more than 3/4 of the way down the stand is prohibited from going completely horizontal and lock in place on the beam as the jack base interfers with the beam latching device. Also when the beam is down and latched and the stand is retracted, you cannot turn the stand adjustment handle as it runs into the beam latching arm metal rod used to disengage the beam latch.
    7)I realize there needs to be some tongue weight but the beam is so unbalanced towards the top/front that it is hard to lift. Needs to be redesigned so for at least the big splitter they use the upper beam bolt holes. Also the jack and the latch should each be mounted on the opposite side. (pull out the beam latching pin with your left hand and lift cylinder with your right and not the other way)
    8)Detent valve has a very high pitched whine between fully retracted and when it contacts the wood only when warmed up. As soon as there is any splitting motion it makes minimal noise.

  86. I as well have had problems staring wmy TSC/Speedco 22 ton splitter. I purchased the unit back in April, used it twice, then let it set (Sea Foam fuel conditioner in the gas) till cooler splitting weather.. As soon as the weather turned cold, she failed to start. Carb was cleaned by a small engine shop that does warranty work for TSC, (charged $62.00 to clean carb), had to return twice…..still did not work. They played with it for two more weeks, then installed a new carb under warranty. Just picked her up today and she’s starting, but the weather has turned warm here in Indiana. I’ll let you know if she still starts when the temp drops this next week.

  87. I was in partners with a 45 ton unit and it only had one issue one time. My partner let a friend of his borrow it for a week or two (against one of our agreements) When it was returned the carb had a small fuel leak. Most likely a quick fix but he needed the splitter and I was set for the winter. Probably from the aggressive way it was towed. Took it in under warranty. Carb, spark plug and oil was changed at no charge. I think a lot has to do with the company you are dealing with.
    I now own a 35 ton unit(no more partners) and have had no problems. This thing has yet to be stopped by anything and I only run it at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle.
    Wheel bearing problems WILL develop if you tow over 40 mph as stated on the side walls of the tires.
    I am sorry to hear that some owners have had issues with both equipment and service. Me personally, I’ll stick with what has always worked flawlessly for me. And yes will recommend Huskee splitters to anyone who asks,

  88. i let my fiend use my 22 ton splitter he called and said it was low hyd oil i told him to use 10 w oil he put something called proter 32w now the cylinder wont return home unless u hold handle back as far and hard as u can and return very very slow help please

  89. I bought the 22 ton logsplitter in July 2011. since then, the spider gear blew off, I had to replace something (I don’t know what it is called) in the motor, then the engine locked up. After having it repaired (it needed a brand new motor), I started it twice and then I heard a rattling in the engine area and then the hydralic wedge stopped working. After taking the cover off to try to find out what was “rattling” around, and putting it back together, I then saw the spider gear (apparently another one) on the floor. It’s now about 20 degrees outside and I was hoping to use it so I can split the small logs so I could heat my house. Not a real big fan of this logsplitter!

  90. I have the 22 ton Huskee log splitter and it is the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever owned. It didn’t last 2 months before I had to start working on it. Tractor Supply has the worst customer service ever I’ll never buy nothing from there again. I took the splitter to them and they said to leave it and it would be fixed in about a month. I told them that was unexceptable and they said thats all they could do for me. In my point of view if you walk in a tractor supply you are a retard!!!!

  91. I am in the market for a splitter and have looked at the ones at TSC. The reviews read on this page have made me think twice about buying one there. I guess I will keep shopping.

  92. I bought my 22 ton splitter in Howell Michigan at TSC. I have split wood since 2001 with it without a problem. I split about 100-120 face cord a year since then and the motor finally quit yesterday. Time for a new motor. Great machine.

  93. Starting issue with Husky, you can by engine heating pad that sticks to the block for around fourteen dollars off Amazon. For the homeowner that should solve starting issue in cold weather.

  94. New machine, 22 ton, used it one hour. Nice! About $400 cheaper than any comparable model. Let’s face it; any model has the same selection of engines and pumps available to them. I’d like to have the motor on the other side. I’d also like to have a convertable splitter head and push plate. For verticle, the wedge is on the piston. Horizontal, I’d prefer the wedge on the frame end. Then the wood is being pushed away from the machine. I had a piece come of and almost hit the motor. So a protection rail in front of the motor is my next project. Mine has the Briggs verticle engine and the oil drain is just low enough to be at the same level as the motor mount plate. Therefore to get the drain plug out, I’ll have to take the motor off ! I’ll make a larger hole then for a wrench. Then I won’t have to remove the motor again. If I every have to upgrade, I’ll get a little larger motor and pump. It’s okay now but I’d like a little faster cycle time.
    Over all, this is a very nice machine. There are a lot of “toys” out there at the same price. This is no toy.
    This machine is heavy. I really like the built in guide to hold the wood on the frame; makes it easy and a hands-off machine.

  95. Bought a 22 Ton Huskee in 2010. I’ve put 30-40 facecords of hardwood through it. Big white oak, red oak, maple and beech. It’s worked perfectly. I couldn’t be happier. My brother borrowed it and put another 10-15 cords through it and he went out and bought one. I’ve been very careful. Changed the hydraulic oil (ISO-46)and filter seasonally. Mobil 1 synthetic in the B&S, and ALWAYS mid-grade gas, and it’s never started hard. I’ve put some really knotty, crotchy big pieces into the splitter and it’s never balked. If it can’t split it, it cuts it. I’m totally impressed with mine, and would recommend it to anyone. One thing I do is always cover it with a good heavy tarp or park it in the garage. I know it’s an outdoor machine, but why not take care of the investment? Very, very pleased with this purchase.

  96. I purchased a Huskey Log Splitter recently and the screw that attatches the wedge to the hydraulic protrudes past the angle of the wedge. The base is too small to hold smaller logs on without balancing it with your left hand…while balancing the bolt caught my thumb and tore and mashed it. Many stitches later and hand therapy I would like to know if anyone else out there has had this problem. Please check the bolt that attatches the wedge and let me know if yours protrudes past the wedge angle. If it does I would contact the company and complain it is a pinching hazard that is not noticed while splitting. Please be careful!

  97. A comment to my posting on Oct13th. After going to TS and looking at new splitters; they have change the way the splitter head is held to the beam. much impovement. The neighbor went and bought a new splitter seeing as the one he broke, I had to weld was borrowed.

    So he brings the new one home last winter and uses it once. It becomes hard to inpossible to start. After the second attempt to use it he goes back to TS and the service man says yes. He had just recieved a email stating that the splitters in stock had the wrong spark plug in it. He gave my neighbor a new plug of a differnt number and it ran good all winter.
    Go back to TS and ask about this

  98. Bought a 22-ton Huskee log splitter and ran it for 2-years w/o a problem. Changed oil as required. At the end of the second year of usage, the Briggs & Stratton 675 Series 190 cc engine locked up. Was eventually able to pull the starter cord, engine started, and apparently it was blown, throwing oil and blowing smoke all over. Checked on-line and found that the engine locking-up was not that unusual.

  99. i got a 35 ton splitter at TSC 3 years ago. the only thing i found wrong with it was the return line ,to weak.fix that with a heavyer return line.this year i had little help lifting the logs onto the splitter,so i made me a will lift anything,i had to put a stabjack on it to keep it from turning over.i bust trees that is 30″ thick,and green. you cannot put a lift on it the way it is built got to turn the ibeam around 180 took me a week to build and it works great.

  100. I’ve had a TSC Huskee 28 ton for many years, it splits anything I put on it, even 4 foot wheels I manage to roll into the vertical position.
    Yesterday a hydraulic host clamp loosened to the point that it blew off, soaking me with fluid.
    So, carefully check the hoses and clamps before use. I need to now purchase a few gallons of fluid.
    Other than hose clamp issue, the splitter has been fantastic for many years of easy splitting.

  101. Purchased a 22-ton Husky in May of 2013. Had the man at tractor supply assemble the splitter for me and I found out that he did a poor job. Engine bolts were not tight and vibration was terrible after first several hours of use. I took care of that. My right tire came with a small leak and i live too far away to run down and have them replace it. Must used a salamander heater to heat up engine before I can start machine in 20 degree or colder weather. Alas though splitter works great every time I’ve used it. I have split 30 cords so far.

    Any suggestions on improving my cold weather starting strategy?


  103. i have the thirty four ton it is about nine years old my buddy bought and only used it two seasons then let it sit outside for about four years after cutting the trees down that had grown up through it i brought it hope worked on it for about half a day and it fired up and ran like a champ we used for about three seasons for our firewood business the orignal motor threw a rod….we put a replacement briggs on it which is a 12.5 instead of a ten hp and i have yet to find the piece of wood this splitter wont go through we have had oak hickory elm you name it some pieces 34 inches in diameter and you just cant stop the thing great investment

  104. I bought a 22ton 10 years ago have three more on deck, small firewood business never done anything to it but change oil, tractor supply said its good for 7cords a year its average has been 135cords a year and still goin,if you use your head and common sense they will run along time. I put seafoam in the gas and oil when I shut down for the late winter to clean it out.If you run it long enough you get quick 45m to 1 hour splits a complete cord proven over and over a little bet we play once a week.

  105. Could someone please give me part numbers for the couplers on the 22 huskee? all it gives me in the manual is : part 19 400833LO Jaw Coupler 1/2″ bore
    part 20 400834LO Rubber spider
    part 21 400838LO Jaw Coupler 7/8″ bore
    I need all three parts. has anyone ordered them from Amazon?
    I need the actual manufacturer part numbers.

  106. I have owned a 27 ton Huskee with a Honda 5.5 HP, log splitter since 2007. I have had no bad issues with this machine & has worked flawlessly up until this past Sunday when the coupler between the engine & hydraulic pump appears to have broken. It’s in for the repair & should be fixed by weeks end at a local Hydraulic & Hose repair shop. I have split about 125 cords of wood with never having it unable to split, or actually cut through knots of curly maple, oak, locust & cherry hardwoods. I have nothing but positive comments about this splitter & would purchase another. A little maintenance goes a long way & keeps this splitter looking & running like new.

  107. bought the 22T in sept. 2012. it did a nice job on anything I tried splitting. today May 26, 2014 while running it I heard a ‘clunk’ and it stopped. I opened the oil fill cap and smoke rolled out. I tried to pull the starting rope and the engine is frozen. until today I had no complaints. now it looks like i need a new motor.

  108. Bought the 22T today with the Kohler engine. The TSC employee got it started at the store with a bit of effort due mainly to setting the choke to the wrong position to start it. Got it in the woods, ready to start it and after half a pull, the engine would not turn over – I could not pull the starter cord out – maybe the recoil was stuck? After lifting the front of the spitter a couple of times and letting it drop, it pulled fine (makes me think it was with the recoil system.) I too did not set the choke correctly and fuel was coming out of the exhaust. After turning off the fuel, pulling it quite a few times, turning the fuel back on, choke off, full throttle, it started. Ran for about an hour. Stopped to refuel since I did not know how much fuel it would use, filled the half full tank and it started on one pull. My boy and I were spitting 22 inch round Ash logs, cut to 20 inches in length, and it worked without problem. The 2 stage pump is great. Under the tarp for the night and I will report back if I have any problems.

  109. I bought my grandpa a 22 ton splitter 4 yrs ago. But after 4 yrs the jaw coupling broke. right in the middle af cutting a big peic3 of white oak. It cut almost anything. I put the new coupling on yesterday now it back in action. Its been a great won I personally think there is no better.

  110. My 22 ton split anything and everything until the jaw coupling broke. I put the new one on now the blade moves again. Now all I need is some logs.

  111. I bought a 22 ton splitter from tractor supply about ten years ago and its never missed a beat, I must have split a 100 cord of wood no problems even with elm. I keep it inside,change the oil once a year use fresh gas and run it dry at the end of the season One time I even towed it about 200 miles in one day, I don’t think I’ll try that again,

  112. I purchased a Huskee 22-ton splitter at TSC nine years ago. It’s made by Speeco in the USA. The engine is a B&S 6.5hp quantum series. I heat with wood and split at least 6 cords of oak, some of it up to 28″ diameter, each year. The splitter has worked great since day one. I change the oil and run it out of gas before putting it away indoors. It’s no louder than my lawnmower. The hydraulic valve sometimes gets a little sticky after it warms up. I never depend on the over pressure release which may be why I’ve never broken a flexible coupler or hose. My only criticisms are; on uneven ground hydraulic fluid may exit the vent holes in the filler plug when operating, crud packs in under the guide rails near the foot which can be difficult to clean out. I’m happy with it and given the choice would make the same decision.

  113. This is the third time I have rented a HUSKEE 28 ton log splitter with a Honda GC 190 motor. The motor is mounted on the right side when facing the splitter. The exhaust is directed away from the operator and is no where near the oil tank. I have split green and seasoned oak 16-18″ long and up to 20″ in dia. Seemed to have plenty of power. Can’t really give a long term report. The only down side was the splitter didn’t seem to go down far enough to split the log completely.


  115. I have a Huskee 35 ton log splitter that I would like to sell. It is a 1350 series and is about 5 years old. It was barely used and stored in a garage. I inherited this item and would appreciate any advice on what it is worth and what to ask for it. Thank You in advance!

  116. Bought a 22 ton used. It looked like new and had but a few hours on it. Were doesn’t it leak hydraulic fluid? One axle seal destroyed and the other will not stay in. The wheel with the bad seal is so out of line when you spin it on the shaft no wonder the seal did not hold up. The Briggs sure does not start like a Honda and is hard to restart. I would not want to make a living with this machine.

  117. I bought the 22 ton and it busts everything we throw at it. My brother and I have not one complaint. Its the best money I ever spent.

  118. Iv had mine for 6 yrs and had to replace the valve setup 2x due to leaking and have to due it again….that valve is not cheap…

  119. I have had a 28 ton Husky for 5 or 6 years and not a moments trouble. I have put wood in it that I was sure it wouldn’t split but it did. Not much harder than some of this Arkansas red oak or hickory. I have a Honda motor on it so it starts first time every time.

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