Husky Log Splitters

Husky is a common name for Husqvarna, a global leader in manufacturing forestry tools, lawn and garden equipment and cutting tools for construction. Unfortunately I don’t know that Husky log splitters exist. If you were searching for a husky splitter you might try the link below. There is another brand with the same name only spelled differently.

If Husqvarna firewood splitters do exist please post a comment below and let us know.

Husky chainsaws are one of the two major choices for professional loggers and forestry workers. As a professional logger and firewood cutter I have used Husky chainsaws and I highly recommend them.

Try Huskee Log Splitters

5 thoughts on “Husky Log Splitters”

  1. Since I’m looking for a splitter I,too, was interested in the HUSKY. Went to the Husqvarna site and it shows no splitters in their product line. Saw a video on U-tube and convinced me not to buy one.

  2. I have a husky log splitter with a manual that has Husqvarna, Division of Tecfor Inc. 224 thorndale Ave. Bensenville Ill. 60106 on the front cover.
    I require some parts as the barrings on the piston arm just let loose and created a problem.
    this log splitter is dated 1984 serial #385559
    parts list attachment # 157132

  3. I have a 1984 husky log splitter with a manual by Husqvarna Division of Tecfor Inc. 224 thorndale Ave. Bensenville Ill. 60106
    I need some parts as recently some berrings let loose at the end of the piston arm and stopped the 34 cc(2.1 cu. in.) engine

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