Lickety Splitter

Lickety Split Log Splitter Review

Lickety split log spliter works like a traditional hydraulic wood splitter except it mounts on the 3 point hitch or front loader of a tractor. The splitter can run off your tractor’s hydraulic system or comes with a hydraulic pump that can be powered by your tractor PTO.

When mounted to the front loader lickety splitter can be moved to the log and picks the log up like a grapple and splits it. With this you can pick up the log and take it wherever you want it so it will fall into your pile or your truck or wherever you want it after it splits.

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5 thoughts on “Lickety Splitter”

  1. I live in southwest Virginia and have a lickity splitter. Need help with the hydraulic system. Need to bled the system and suggestions?

  2. I have a Lickity Splitter Model #ABS255 and have broken a cable on it. I was wondering if you have any parts for it? Also would you happen to have a manual for it? Any help would be appreciated.
    Gary Fields

  3. I am having trouble figuring out what all the cables and linkages are supposed to do. The ram will extend but will not retract. Can you shed any light on my problem?

  4. I have several parts for the MK348. Electric start Kohler 8.5 hp (I have 2), controller, springs, cable,etc. I’m looking for the tire/rim assembly and will trade. If interested, please email me at

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