Redneck Log Splitter

Here is a collection of redneck log splitter videos. A redneck was defined by comedian and self proclaimed redneck Jeff Foxworthy as possessing “a glorious lack of sophistication”. Not only do redneck wood splitters have a tendency to lack in sophistication, they also have a tendency to lack personal safety features.

Redneck log splitters are splitters that are made with a level of ingenuity that only a true redneck could understand and be capable of. Or maybe I should just say these are unconventional. Some of these are very dangerous but entertaining to watch.

If you have your own redneck log splitter or video to share please post it below. If you have a youtube video that you think is worthy of redneck status post it and I can embed it on this page.

Learn how to make a log splitter the redneck way.

This log was too big for the sawmill so they used explosives to split it into smaller pieces.

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