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Splitfire Wood Splitters – Splits Both Directions

Splitfire SplitterSplitfire wood splitters are unique in their ability to split logs in both directions. With most log splitters the ram splits the log into the wedge only in one direction. You then have to wait for the ram to retract before you can put another piece in. With a splitfire wood splitter the double sided wedge will split another piece in the opposite direction as it retracts. This makes splitfire log splitters one of the highest production splitting machines available.

Splitfire or Split-Fire splitters are well built for production machines with models available to suit casual users or commercial production use.

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This video shows how quick and easy a splitfire wood splitter wedge can be changed.

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  1. I’m very interested in the Split-fire but am unable to find any information regarding cost. The dealer near me only carries the 3pt. tractor version and not the self-contained unit. How much do these run?

  2. I’m looking for the 3pt pto version, but can’t find the dealer or a cost; near Welland-Dunnville-Smithville.

  3. I rented a splitter the other day and it happened to be a split-fire. What a splitter! I have used a lot of splitters over the past 30 years and this one impressed me, enough to try and find a used one. Does anyone have an idea where I could located a used one with the log assist? Thanks! -joe

  4. I have ordered a custom built 3403 with both the 2 and 4 way wedge the base price for this model was $1430 list price is $1560 my Kuboto M8540 is capable of the 17 gpm the stock flow capacity is 11 gpm. Split fire advertises that they perform all sorts of custom builds. I asked them what would be necessary to upgrade this model to have the same flow capacity as the 4403’s 10 – 20 gpm capacity they responded that they have a High flow Option in which the cylinder ports, hoses and fittings are upgraded to a larger diameter to allow for more flow thus hopefully reducing each stroke to around 4 seconds. They said retail for this option is ~$125. I also added the log lift $500 after seeing the youtube videos it makes an awesome production table improving efficiency and reducing back strain. I was told they have made quite a few of the 32/3400 series gas styles with the high flow kit and the 9 hp Honda GX but this will be the first time they have put together a 3 pt with this option they are confident that that i should see dramatic increase in speed.

    Bottom Line i recommend any one call or email these guys i’ve talked to both Chris and Paul and this is top notch support. Their willingness to do what ever it takes to make the customer happy is an amazing testament.

  5. I am happy to announce that I am the Distributor for Split-Fire Log Splitters. We distribute for Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and California.

    Feel free to e-mail tom@inlandnorthwestimplement.com or call Tom at 208-790-6686 and we can either sell you a splitter or direct you to a local dealer.

    Thank you,
    Tom Polek
    Inland Northwest Implement
    Deary, Idaho

  6. Just picked up a used 3255, called the spitfire and spoke with them very helpful people.
    Changed the oil in the motor just so I would know it was ok, fired up on the second pull, WOW what a machine, split the largest logs apx 30 inch and it never even hesitated.
    Very well built machine, would recommend it to anyone

  7. very much enjoy my machine, even lend it out, but now I need a new cylinder for my ss204, where do I go near Hamilton, Ont.

  8. I split 3 cord of wood this weekend with the splitfire 3255, so impressed with the machine, power to spare.
    Took on the biggest wood and just powered clean through.
    highly recommend this machine.

  9. What’s the “throw” on this? I like to cut my firewood 24″ (easier to stack/figure cords), but it doesn’t appear ad though this would accommodate that size? Also, can you get a wedge with 4 bars instead of 2?

  10. This unit has some good features, but I’m looking for a manufacturer who can make a custom unit to my specs.

    North central Virginia

  11. I have used a self contained Split-fire with 4 way blade of a friend and am interested in a similar tractor mounted splitter. I have a Kubota, 47hp, with 3 point hitch. Is there a dealer in the northern Idaho area?

  12. I own and use a splitfire – I bought one with a hydraulic log lifter – worth every penny. Split many cords with it and a friend. I recommend this splitter.

  13. I have had a split fire, still own and use it….10 yrs now.
    It is awesome, i would buy it again if i had to, no matter the price.

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