Super Split Splitter

Super Split Log Splitter

The Super Split log splitter uses a rack and pinion system instead of the common hydraulic cylinder powered splitters. The main advantage of this type of wood splitter is its speed. The cycle time is only 2 seconds which makes it much faster than a hydraulic cylinder wood splitter. The ability to have this burst of speed from a small engine comes from the weighted flywheels. Because of this you can get more splitting power from a smaller engine.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Super Split Splitter

I have not had the opportunity to try one of these machines but I like the idea and would like to test one out. I like how fast the super split splitter is but I don’t like the way the wedge is mounted. With the super splitter the wedge is fixed and the ram pushes the wood into and past the wedge. This means in every pass it moves all the wood you are working on past the wedge and you have to manually drag the pieces back every time you want to re-split them. This works great if you are only splitting your rounds once because it pushes the finished pieces off the table automatically.

The problem is most rounds I split are large enough that they have to be split multiple times into many pieces. This is why I prefer the moving wedge type of splitter where the wedge is attached to the ram. This way the wood stays in one spot on my work table in front of me while the wedge moves through it.

I use traditional hydraulic splitters and waiting for the slow hydraulics do limit my production. I can see where a super split log splitter wood speed up production but with the wedge configuration dragging pieces around on the work table and picking them back up when they get pushed off the table could get tiring. I would still like to test one out to see if the speed justifies the extra work. If they would build one with the wedge mounted on the ram or if they already have a model with that configuration that’s when I would be seriously interested.

Please post your comments or reviews of the Super Split log splitters below.

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  1. This machine is only for 10-12″ hard wood, I got mine two months ago and is nothing like I expected, it gets jam easy and it take a long time to fix, is a good idea but super-split want you to believe that it can handle a 15-18″ of hard wood, well it does not, you’ll be stock every 4 to 5 cuts, what you see in your tube is not totally true at least for me, all I can said is I’m glad I did not get read if my old splitter.

  2. I sell firewood and owned my super split for over a year.And I love it, Mine is the heavy duty model with the 6 hp engine.It is able to splitt 18 inch dia rounds x 16″ and larger, If you can lift it up to the table it will split it. I splitt wood almost all year long and never had any major problems with it.You do have a small learning curve with the splitter but once you get pass it you will fly though the wood.

  3. I have a super splitter that is 30 years old give or take. It was used in a production environment for the first 15 or so years of its life and split a 100 cord or more a year. Besides the engines wearing out it has only need minor repair. These machines will split anything you can lift on it. There is a learning curve. These are not like a hydraulic splitter you can’t just muscle right threw the middle of a large log. You need to start on the out side and work your way in peeling it back like an onion. Take a side off spin the log around a 1/4 of the way and do it again keep doing that till you almost have a square block. Now you you should be able to hit it in the middle and have it split. If a log does get stuck between the ram and wedge I keep a small hand sledge at the machine a few wacks on the end of the log will free the ram and your ready to hit it again.

  4. We’ve used a super split wood splitter commercially for 4 years and approximately 200 cords of hard wood – all finely split for camp fires. We split 16″ but it will take 24″. Our machine is powered by a small Robin gas engine. The splitter has performed flawlessly. I see other super split machines in use by small fire wood producers in this part of Maine.
    Thus far we’ve replaced 2 actuators the rod that connects the handle with the machine workings, some rubber bumpers to soften the return, and an upper bearing.
    We’re really pleased with the splitter. Despite its speed, we’ve had no injuries.

  5. I’ve owned a SuperSplit 5.5HP Honda powered splitter now for going on almost 10 years. I can split anything that I can lift up on the splitter. It is a tough fast machine that can’t be beat. My brother and I split a mounded up 8 foot pickup bed of wood in just under 30 minutes. The only thing we noticed is that we could not keep up with the splitter. It wore us both out. Cylce time is around 2.5 – 3 seconds. try that with any hydraulic splitter.

  6. Has any one had experience splitting cotton wood?
    Even small pieces (12 – 16 inch by 20 inch long) causes an old (like me) and tired hydraulic machine severe problems.

  7. I have a Super Split log splitter Model SSJ-24 and I need a bearing. On the parts list it is part number 64J, CYR bearing 3/4s. I need the orginal bearings and can’t seem to find a replacement. Can anyone help me to get this bearing so that I can use my splitter? E-mail me any help that you may give.

  8. Um…

    Mounting the sharp wedge (blade) on a fast-moving ram (it moves about 2ft/sec) is a recipe for maiming.
    As others have mentioned, this splitter should not be operated like a hydro snail.

    I’m saying it’s perfect. They should redesign the push-plate so it’s less susceptible to getting jammed up. Also, there is so much force on the bearing the rolls along the I-beam that it wears out a furrow. Why not suspend the weight on a sled that rides *under* the beam? Criticism aside, it’s a really nice machine.

  9. I have a supersplit with a 5.5 honda. It will split anything you put on it and it is FAST. It is about 25 years old now. Put 2 belts on it, that is it.

  10. I’m watching every video I can find depicting Super Split or any other type of rack and pinion splitter out there that I can find. Are there any videos that you can direct me to that show the Super Split in action?
    Thanks for your time.

  11. Are there any videos that show the Super Split going head to head with another log splitter of the rack and pinion type?

  12. After viewing tons of videos on Youtube and the Supersplitter site I took the plunge and purchased one and let me tell you from using it for 3 days all I can say is a wish I had picked up one 20 years ago. Dr Trimmer’s Rapid Fire kinetic splitter is similar as they copied SS on almost every detail, but still not as good as SS. Tractor supply also sells one made by Speeco in China, similar in design, but the actuator process is cumbersome and time consuming. I didn’t want to spend the extra money, but after speaking to Paul, the owner of SS he convince me by saying something that I had never heard before and that is that his SS was “Generational”, as it would last long enough to be passed down through the generations of family members and to me that makes sense. When I’m long gone one of my sons will still be using this unit, not just because it’s made in America, but it’s made to last like things use to be made. If you buy one you won’t be sorry. Is it the perfect log splitter? NO, but it’s about as close to perfect as you can get!

  13. DR Country home products has a super split knock off. I own it.
    It works just as well and is built very tough. They have videos at this:

    I believe they still have a sale on. Extended warranty, Price and One Year hands on trial…shipping must be paid on returns. I have split 30 face with mine. Got so fast…3 face in 45 minutes or thereabouts. My wife can’t stack fast enough to keep up. I won’t use my 27 Ton Troy Bilt. Anyone want to buy it?

  14. I have split 30 inchers on it. Knotty Ash, Black Locust, Apple. It powers through most with one whack. If it doesn’t let the ram retract and hit it again….now that took 6 seconds. whoopie.

  15. I hear the na-sayers, This machine is awesome the only parts that i have had to buy are the roller bearing that rides on top of the i-beam and the rubber bump stops! you will not be disappointed with this machine at all!!! Flawless!

  16. I’ve been reading comments on the Super Split,and others like it,and have mostly seen the negative comments from people who have only looked,not used one.Go split 30 or 50 cord and then think about it.Your opinion will change fast.When I first looked at one in the 70’s I thought it was a tinkertoy.I learned my lesson fast,when the cheapest man I know forked over almost $2500.for one,I realized he knew something I didn’t.He and his wife would split 2-1/2 cord into the truck,deliver it,have lunch,and do another load after that.This went on for 26 years.They went through 6 (six)Honda engines,and two sets of rack an pinions it that time.Then I bought it and used it for another 10 years,until I bought a new knock off.I only do about 8-10 cord a year now for myself,and I’ve owned it for 5 years now so the jury is still out on that one.I will never own a splitter with the wedge on the piston.I worked for a dealer in the 70’s that sold American splitters,we had a half dozen of them come back with the rod bent off to the side.As a welder who has worked on dozens of Super Splitters because I was familiar with them,I can honestly say all the repairs I have made were from abuse,neglect,or normal wear and tear.I have always kept bearings,rubber stops, and springs on hand.I can be back to work in 10 minutes most of the time.That video out there of the fellow splitting and throwing into the back of a truck is not a good depiction of how they work.Splitter sitting wrong,running slow,and VERY improper splitting procedure.I own a LaFont with a 6 way wedge that I have not taken out of the shed or started since 1996.That will probably tell you something about my opinion of the super split.

  17. i have not seen it split y’s or real knotty wood yet.every every thing seems to be straight cut wood,barely any knots at all.before i spend 2600.00 bucks i’d like to see some real wood split out there, like cotten wood, elm ,mulberry tree,sasafras,and some rock mample,some knotty pine to.

  18. Buy one; you will never be disappointed and will forever, be impressed… We process over 1,000 ranks of tough, gnarly and knotty Missouri Oak and Hickory every year… Year in and year out… These little machines are tough, durable and lightning fast… We have one set up with a 6 hp petro engine and one with an electric motor…. We also have a Dyna wood processor and I prefer using the Supersplit… In demonstrating the electric version; I have placed 24″ diameter bolts of White and Black Oak in them and people marvel.. I started out as a doubter and my wife convinced me to give one a chance… She was right and we have had one or more in service since 2000.. I cringe at the very thought of going hydraulic again.

  19. All this Talk about splitters,and yet ther is none like what ive been doing for years,ITs very simple And It WORKS 100% successful.Instead of having a moving axe head only on the Moving ram,also include one on the fixed end too.Yes Thats right,have two axe or splitting edges comming together,one is fixed and the other is sliding on the end of the ram.Its the only way to split wood.It takes away 95% of that log Bang when it dangerously lets go at times and sends bits slides through the toughest pieces of wood.Please Try it ,i Guarantee you`l be impressed.It does work and i have been splitting wood like this for years..It should be compulsrey to have two splitting edges on All splitting machines as it makes it so much easier and less dangerous.Quite a fwe blokes after seeing my machine in action have gone home and made another splitting end and slipped it over the flat end to produce the second stationary cutting edge.Out of all the comercial splitters you can buy,i have not yet seen ANY that has TWO Cutting edges comming together.Anyone who says it wouldnt work is totally wrong!Mine Works so good,id Never go back to a single edge.The wood does not slip or spin at all.It actually improves the splitting and goes through the biggest Barsted pieces with ease with no sudden Bang as it lets go.JUst Go out to your Machine and try it,i promise you that you`l be instantly converted.Yours sincerely with No bull,

  20. i bought the speedpro last year and recently returned it to buy a supersplit. this machine is well built and splits wood larger than stated above. in fact, i have not been able to find a round it wont split. if i can lift it…it is split. ive had helpers lift huge rounds with me and it splits them easily. cleaning the rack bearing surface is imperative to avoid jamming. follow instructions that came in manual and you will have little trouble splitting rounds larger. i just finished a tow bar for it. works great but may look into a 4 way….

  21. i imported a heavy duty supersplitter to scotland at great expense. to all those that are saying it is useless at big wood etc. i say rubbish. the machine is a dream to use and is almost perfect. i would buy again in a heartbeat. use one and you wont want to use anything else. it is safe unless you are the type of idiot that shouldnt be using an axe let alone a splitter. made in america loved in scotland.

  22. I have owned a SS for 40 yrs.+-. I am interested in selling it as I’m 77 and no longer burn or well firewood. For anyone interested in details please respond..

  23. I have a super wood splitter it is 30 years old, and I need a carrier return spring for it, can you tell me how and where to get one. thank you

  24. Karen,Just search out supersplit and their website will show up.Give them a call,he is very good about sending out replacement parts.The local dealers don’t even bother to stock parts because he sends them out so fast.I just used a couple of screen door springs on mine for years,until I remembered to order one when I ordered some other parts.

  25. hello david,
    did you sell your supersplit ??
    i may be interested, i could give you a call since it’s a free call for me..
    thanks, chuck

  26. I bought a SS after knowing about them for a very long time. Bought it with the work table and the Honda engine. All I can say is I’m in love. Kicked around the idea of a Timberwolf for a while but I’m very happy with this machine and it’s speed. I got better things to do that wait for a slow poke hydro and I’m glad I didn’t bother making a splitter for my New Holland 4835.

  27. Our Scout Troop cuts and sells firewood for their fund raiser and am interested in physically seeing one in action before I try to convince the troop committee to make that investment. We’re in the chigoland area.

  28. OK. I’m convinced that the Super Split is an excellent log splitter but I don’t know of any dealerships in Canada. Are Super Split log splitters sold on Canada, and more specifically, British Columbia?

  29. Anyone have experience splitting really tough (‘tough’, versus ‘hard’) knotted-up
    Eastern White Pine or comparable softwoods with the Super Split. Leaning hard towards one but not convinced it’ll handle pine; please respond if you have experience in pine/SuperSplit.

  30. looking into the comparision from the Super Split to the DR modle. Witch is better?? I think I’m leaning twords the SS. Its hard to make a decition without kicking the tires and trying them both out!!

  31. Peter- Just got off the phone whith Super split this morrning and there are no dealers of the super spliter. They are factory direct only.

  32. 25 years and my Duerr 22 ton just died. Evidently old engines need oil checked more frequently! Oh well.
    Spent all today on-line and it was worth it. In my mind Super Split beats DR. and they both beat hydraulic.
    I cut 30 cords per year, all sizes and mostly black locust. Not sure if I need the HD or the J. Any thoughts??

  33. We have had our super split (middle model) for so many years, i forgot how long ago i bought it (new) (around 1992)it even went through a fire – burned the tires off and burned and melted the actuator handle and melted the Briggs and Stratton I/C engine; no more fiberglass shields either. Replaced the engine with a Robin of same size (5.5 HP) and fabricated a new actuator handle, some new belts (of course) and we were back in business – that was over 2 years ago and all together over the years, we (my son and I) have split somewhere around 500 face cords of South central New York hardwoods, including hickory and every kind of oak in these parts. I always wonder why people persist with those slow hydraulic units. (even my dad)- Glad i saw the light…

  34. I got an electric engine because it seemed a lot quieter then the noisy gas engines, and I’m glad I did. I have a lot of 100ft oaks on my NJ property and cut them into 23 inch sections and my Super Split goes through them like a hot knife through soft butter. It’s really a pleasure to use. It’s the real deal and worth every penny.

    The only issue I have is that the breaker switch got stuck and won’t pop out for me to reset the unit, so I can’t use it. Paul at the Massachusetts manufacturer said that he’s never heard of that happening before and suggested I take it to an engine shop. Anyone else have a similar issue?

  35. I am a commercial firewood service. I have the 8 hp Honda version. We have used most styles of splitters on the market and built some also. The Super Split is simple, fast and efficient. With three of us from sawing to splitting to pushing on a conveyor to load 16′ 2-ton trucks(4 cords stacked), we can do three trucks cut, split and stacked in 10 hours with breaks. We have ours behind an ATV for mobility. We changed two things…..made a simple receiver and tongue for a ball on our ATV and widened the table.

    The trick with manually returning the wood to be re split is….one hand does not leave the control handle and the other slide(never pick up) the wood for re split. We do 600 plus cords per year (6 mo.)

  36. Recently bought a used unit with the 9hp Honda engine, It has devoured everything I’ve thrown at it including large green red oak crotches, pecan and green sweet gum with ease. The safety warning decal says it all, if you don’t have common sense don’t operate this machine!

  37. MIke,
    I’m in NJ also. If your in northern NJ would you be willing to show me your electric super-split. I have never see one
    and the electric model is the one I am considering.

  38. I am looking at the smaller “J” model with the 110v electric motor. I will split at the most 10 cords/year of wood that I get from one of the local loggers. Nothing huge, just 16″ rounds & smaller from a tri-axle log truck. Oak, ash, maple & cherry mostly. I like to cut it to about 12″ long & then split it small for my little stove. Any thoughts on the smaller machine with the small electric motor? I like the idea of QUIET and I will always be near an outlet. Thanks for your thoughts.

  39. I’ve had my heavy-duty model for about 4 years now; I split about 5 cord a year, which isn’t much. But, this splitter allows me to make what little free time I have very, very productive. In essence, I “bought” time with this machine.

    I am always amazed just how much energy 150 lbs of flywheel can store and release. As others have said, if you can get it on the table, it will split it. Knots might take another whack, but the cycle time makes that a breeze.

    Although I bought mine originally with the 6.5 hp Honda, I also bought the electric motor base plate, and mounted a Leeson 1.5 hp farm motor. Works fantastic, although maybe the flywheels turn a tad slower than with the gas motor, but I never measured it. But it’s nice to just flip a switch on a Sunday morning, and not bother a soul. No hearing protection needed, and easy to turn off during the trips to the wood rack. No winterizing another small engine either.

    A coworker, after bragging about his new Timberwolf, looked pretty shocked when I showed him my SS. I think he went away thinking he bought the wrong machine.

    You never see used ones for sale, even though they’ve been in production for 30 years. That oughta tell you something.

  40. My cousin found a Super Split Jr at a tag sale 15 years ago & brought it home. Had to clean up the points but had it running in 30 minutes. He replaced a belt, too. Otherwise, we’ve been using it ever since. It has a 4HP Briggs engine, and we suspect it’s at least 30 years old.

    Yes, it does not like knotty pieces, but we’ve been able to split everything we throw at it (and some of those pieces were big and ugly – 80+ pounds and 18″+). It’s fast, light and very capable. I would recommend it to anyone.

  41. Best splitter out there for good clean,straight wood….but if you are doing narly ,twisty big stuff, hydraulic with a 4 way is the way to go…I’ve put 800 cords through mine and it still works well….changed a few bearings and a ton of rubber bumpers but they are cheap…with a 2 second cycle time, you can do all your wood for the day and still have time to relax and watch Nascar at noon !!!

  42. i have a lafontaine super splitter cuts 5 pcs at a time
    rebuilt the onan engine, this machine is in perfect condition
    the company that had it just went out of business
    it was LEFT in our building.. need a reasonable price and
    would LOVE to sell it can i get some kind of quote
    i have pix..

  43. Super Splitter, Call and talk to Paul the owner- What a great family owned business top deal with.

  44. Ok also besides needing a used super splitter,,,I need the rack and pinion for my 20 year old super splitter ,,Anyone know where to buy these parts?

  45. So I finally bought the ss hd with a Honda.
    Amazing performance ! I can blast through any Harwood with this thing even narly oak with grain going every which way. Yeah it’s pricey but worth every cent. Yes this machine will split 24″ logs but best to put what you can manage without breaking your back. I split off chucks that I can easily move around and manage. You can seriously take down a pile of logs if staged right.

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