Timberwolf Wood Splitter

Had some nice videos on here of some impressive looking splitters but they were taken down by request from the company.

4 thoughts on “Timberwolf Wood Splitter”

  1. We hold the copyright on these videos and DO NOT give you permission to use them on your site. Please take them down immediately.

    Thank You.

  2. Actually, I think if you read the youtube TOS you will see that when you posted the videos on youtube, you gave away all kinds of permission to youtube, who then provides the rights for people to embed the youtube videos on their sites.

    Instead of being like this about it, especially since there is nothing negative posted about your company or its products on this page, I would suggest that you would have asked me to include a link to your site and maybe a write up about your company and its products. That way you would have got some good exposure like some of the other companies who are listed on my site have done, who I send a lot of traffic to. That way you have a friendly site helping you dominate the first page of google in search results. But since you are being this way about it, I will just take them down.

  3. I really wish i could have viewed some videos of timber wolf products in action.Just trying to do some research on splitters before making a large investment like this. Wonder what they are aafraid of ?

  4. Your asking for it. Remember the words of this song. Put anhetor log on the fire Put anhetor log on the fire, cook me up some Bacon and some beans. Go out and change the tire on the car, wash my socks and old bluejeans. Fill my pipe and then go fetch my slipper, and brew me up anhetor pop of tea. Put anhetor log on the fire bab,and come and tell me why your leaving me. Get off your lazy **** you bum. This isn’t cave man days.

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