Unicorn Log Splitter

The unicorn log splitter is one of the craziest but extremely simple splitter designs I have ever seen. It’s basically a giant spinning tapered screw that you shove a piece of wood into by hand and it digs in and splits the wood. There are models that attach to a tractor PTO and even one that is designed to attach to a car wheel. You attach it to your lug nuts on one of the drive wheels, jack the rear axle, put the running car in gear and you have a wood splitter.

I in no way recommend this type of splitter at all. This is extremely dangerous. One slight mistake with a unicorn wood splitter and you can easily be severely injured or killed.

The videos below show a couple unicorn splitter designs in use. One of them is the car wheel design. Although I don’t recommend using them it’s worth watching the videos and seeing how well they actually work.

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17 thoughts on “Unicorn Log Splitter”

  1. how can I get the part to make the splitter, what is it made of & how much does it cost?

  2. kurt this is tim how did you make out with the shipping part ??id still like to buy email me back or call thanks

  3. Hi, Dose any know where I can purchase just the tapered screw. I live in South Africa; any of the machine shops that I approach tell me it will cost a fortune just to set up to run a tapered screw. The rest of the engineeriing I can do myself.

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