Hydraulic Cylinder Log Splitter

Here is where I got the hydraulic cylinders for my hydraulic cylinder log splitter. Out of three wood splitters we built over 20 years ago, all three are using the original cylinders that were bought from Northern Tool. They are still using using for commercial production and none of the hydraulic cylinders have ever been repaired or replaced after all these years. They are working just as well as they did when they were new.

A hydraulic cylinder log splitter is probably the most common type of mechanical splitter. Hydraulic cylinders are durable and can last for decades of continuous use. The cylinder is what shoves the ram or wedge into the log to split it.

Below is a selection of hydraulic cylinders from Northern Tool that you can get through Amazon.com so you are backed by both companies. Some of these can be used for log splitters and many other uses.

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