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Hycrack Log Splitters – Hycrack Splitter Review

Hycrack log splitters are screw type splitters made in Britain designed to be powered by a tractor PTO. A screw splitter is a large screw cone that spins. You shove a piece of wood into the cone and it screws itself into the wood and wedges it apart. Hycrack splitters are similar to unicorn splitters but since they are mounted to a secure work table they claim they are less dangerous. I still wouldn’t want to get a sleeve or any body part or clothing caught up in one.

The manufacturer claims these splitters are faster than many other log splitters since they don’t have a ram to wait for. I have never used one of these type of splitters but I am interested in hearing about anyone’s experience with them. Watch the video below of one in action and judge for yourself.

If you have ever used a Hycrack splitter or any screw type splitter please post your review or comments below.

9 thoughts on “Hycrack Splitter”

  1. I have had a hycrack log splitter now for 8 years/ no maintenence on it appart from 1 grease nipple /and the effortless work that this machine can do in a few hours used to take me 4 days manually. Also brilliant for making kindling

  2. This is by no means the fastest splitter. It doesn’t even come close. Check out various splitters on You Tube.

  3. This appears to be a functional splitter. If you already have the tractor and don’t split many cords it makes sense. It’s not going to equal the production of a Timberwolf or equilvalent machine with a four way wedge though.

  4. Just got my hy crack today,pto shaft cut down wow what a nice piece of kit will be having lots of fun this spring,also my tractor is a sidekick 21hp model no problem at all runs on tick over…

  5. I have an old massy frerg so this is ideal. It’s quite steep of a price for all that it is.
    Where can you buy this second hand?
    It would sell very well second, £400 is a good price for this in my opinion..

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