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Farmi Logging Winch

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We have been using a Farmi winch for almost 20 years for logging and firewood production on our forest land on the Northern California coast. Farmi winches mount onto a tractor three point hitch and run off the tractor PTO. We have been select harvesting our land and the Farmi skidding winch has been a central part of the operation.

Our Farmi skidding winch has yarded and skid thousands of cords of firewood and hundreds of thousands of board feet of timber. The only thing that has been replaced is the cable, which is expected of any logging cable. After nearly 20 years it works as well as it did when it was new.

Farmi logging winches are well built, you can tell just by looking at them that they are not going to break. They are also such a simple design with few moving parts so there is not much to go wrong. The part that I figured would eventually wear out is the clutch but so far it hasn’t.

Our Farmi log winch is mounted on an old Massey Ferguson tractor. With our firewood operation it’s mostly used as a yarder. Much of our terrain is steep so we work from the road and yard most of the material uphill into the road. This is usually done with a snatch block hung from a stump or tree on the uphill side of the road so the tractor can be in a good position.

Most of the time the tractor engine is just idling while yarding. The winch works well and pulls hard and plenty fast at an idle. If the pull is too hard the winch can stall the engine but I don’t like to pull that hard since the tractor is old so I back off before it stalls the engine. I use that as a gauge to keep from breaking things. While idling the tractor burns very little fuel so this makes a very fuel efficient yarder.

The videos below show two Farmi winches in use. These machines and operations are not ours and we are not connected with these operations but they are both good demonstrations. Maybe I will make my own video of ours in use this summer when the weather gets better and we start logging.

Post your review below of your experience with Farmi winches.

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  1. John:

    I live in Northern Idaho, and own Inland Northwest Implement. I sell FARMI winches and have them in stock. I have the Farmi winch to match up to your Kubota. It will pull 11,025 lbs. Can ship to you from the Northwest.

    Feel Free to contact me. We sell Farmi Chippers, Wood Processors. We also sell Valby Chippers and Grapples. These attachments fit on skid steers, tractors and excavators.

    Inland Northwest Implement
    Tom Polek

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