Houston Firewood

Houston Firewood

Pinion Pine Firewood , Hickory, Pecan and Red Oak BBQ Wood

Delivery in Houston Texas

Houston Firewood
Pinion Firewood Delivered in Houston Texas

Indian Head Firewood delivers premium quality pinion firewood and hickory, pecan, and red oak BBQ wood to the Houston, Texas area.

IHF also supplies Woodhaven firewood racks and Texas Deluxe Firepits.

Their pinion wood comes from privately owned sustainable managed forests around Las Vegas, New Mexico. They are working with the US Department of Agriculture and the New Mexico State Department of Forestry to protect the area forests from bark beetles and wildfire and to protect underground watersheds.

Indian Head’s forest enhancement efforts have helped to keep bark beetles out of their wood, which means better quality wood for you. Their wood comes from thinning excess trees from the forests to make the remaining trees more healthy and able to resist disease and fire.

Unlike dead pinion trees, wood cut from live trees has a higher resin content than the fire and bug kill pine that many dealers are selling as firewood. This means you get wood with higher energy content and with more of the aroma and other benefits of pinion wood.

Pinion pine (also spelled piñon or pinyon) is native to the South Western United States. It is well known for its aroma and its edible seeds. Pinion wood is great for burning since it has a higher BTU content than most pines, it burns hot and produces a nice aroma. It doesn’t produce as much smoke as most other wood and burns with a nice aroma. This makes it popular for campfires, fire pits and other outdoor fires. Pinion is one of the most popular types of wood to burn in outdoor firepits since it doesn’t leave you smelling smoky and it is also known for repelling mosquitoes.

Indian Head Firewood will deliver a full cord of wood or half and quarter cords.

Pinion Firewood
Pinion Firewood

Stacking Organizing and Clean-Up Included with Delivery for a Small Fee.

Please contact Indian Head Firewood directly for orders and pricing.

(832) 413-FIRE (3473)  
toll-free 1-855-IHF-2DAY

or visit their Houston Firewood website.

Indian Head Firewood
1499 N Post Oak Rd
Ste 214
Houston, TX 77055

Woodhaven Firewood Racks in Houston Texas

You can also contact Indian Head Firewood for Woodhaven firewood racks. These racks are made in the USA and are well known for their quality and durability.

Houston Firewood Rack


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