How to Sell Firewood

How to Sell Firewood Online and Offline

Sometimes producing the firewood can be the easy part, the next challenge is to let people know you have firewood for sale so they can buy it. There are many offline places to sell firewood that still work but unless you learn how to sell firewood online you will be missing out on a lot of business. I can help you with that here by giving you some information on where to start or I can even set up a free internet marketing campaign for your firewood business.

Selling firewood can be a way to make extra money or even a living. Firewood is a consumable product that people use and buy year after year. In many areas reliable firewood dealers are hard to find. If you treat your customers right and bring them a quality product you can have customers that will happily buy from you every year for many years.

Common Places to Advertise Firewood

Newspapers: Local newspaper classified ads can get good results and are fairly inexpensive. Some papers have categories just for firewood. If you have the budget display ads can work too but they are more expensive.

Yellow Pages: When people want to find a business traditionally the yellow pages have been where people go to look. With the internet yellow pages are being used less but still can be worth being listed in.

Word of Mouth: Word of mouth works with just about any business and firewood is no different. Tell people you know and people you meet that you are selling firewood and the word can spread.

Bulletin Boards: Posting fliers or business cards on local bulletin boards in businesses and other public may work although I have not tried it.

Street Signs: A firewood for sale sign in front of your home or business on a busy road can bring in a lot of customers. My Grandfather used this method to build a large customer base. Some of these customers have been buying every year for almost 2 decades. He is fortunate to live on a busy rural road so it worked well in this case.

The Internet: This is my favorite way to advertise. The majority of my firewood sales come from the internet. Following that in second place are newspaper ads but newspapers are losing readers to the internet and that trend will no doubt continue.

When people want something the internet is increasingly becoming the place where people go to search. There are many places you can advertise on the internet and many of them are free. Classified ads, forums, craigslist, directories, the list is endless.

A position you want to be in is to have your business come up at the top of search results when people do an internet search for firewood in your area. One of the best ways to do this is to have a website.

Learn how I can help you advertise firewood.

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