Louisville Firewood

Louisville Firewood

Crosscut Saw Tree Co.

Firewood For Sale – Louisville, Brandenburg and Surrounding Areas of Kentucky and Indiana


Louisville Firewood
Firwood For Sale in Louisville Kentucky and Indiana

Crosscut Saw Tree Co. in Laconia, Indiana has firewood for sale in the areas surrounding Louisville and Brandenberg, Kentucky and Laconia, Elizabethtown and Corydon, Illinois.

Crosscut Saw Tree Co is a fully insured, professional tree service company with over 30 years of experience. The wood they produce from trimming and removing trees does not go to waste. The junk wood goes to people with large outdoor furnaces and the good usable wood is cut and split into firewood and stacked to dry.

Crosscut Saw Tree Co. provided professional tree trimming, tree removal, pruning, dead-wooding, and anything to do with trees. They work the old fashioned way of actually climbing the tree and removing it piece by piece. This ensures that the job will be done safely, preventing damage to your home and surrounding areas. As professional tree climbers, they can do the job using a light touch, instead of using heavy equipment that could damage your driveway and other parts of your yard.

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Crosscut Saw Tree Co.


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16 thoughts on “Louisville Firewood”

  1. Looking for prices per cord with delivery to Elizabethtown, KY? Do you offer military discounts? Do you offer discounts for purchases over a certain amount?

  2. Looking for seasoned firewood, rick delivered and stacked in Jeffersontown, KY. Close to Hurstbourne Lane and Stoneybook. Could we get a price as soon as possible please. Thanks so much.

  3. Price on rick of seasoned firewood stacked and delivered to Jeffersontown, close to Hurstbourne Lane and Stoneybrook. Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

    Barb Moore

  4. Looking for a seasoned cord of firewood delivered t o brooks Rd just south of the Snyder fwy on 65

  5. Looking for a rick of wood to be delivered in Jtown off of Watterson Trail (Watterson Woods neighborhood). I would like it stacked in my garage if you guys do that. Can you please quote me a price and respond to my email address?

    Thank You!

  6. What types of woods are available and cost per cord for delivery to residence in Shelbyville? Thank-you!

  7. need a rick of split hickory delivered and or stacked to Cresent Hill area in Louisville, Ky

    I’m not price shopping, I know the market…I want the product

  8. we have great firewood for sale. Locust, Oak and Ash. 100yr old trees had to be cut down for building. Come get Westport Rd and Lagrange area. $40 a truckload. All sizes and width. pictures available. call or text 502-442-4643

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