Birch Logs

Birch Logs

Decorative Birch Firewood
Decorative Birch Firewood

Paul’s Fireplace Wood in Minnesota produces birch logs for firewood and for decorative use. Birch wood is a hardwood that produces a good amount of heat, but may be more popular for it’s decorative uses.

Decorative birch firewood can add beauty and charm to your hearth and many other setting. There are several different varieties of birch in the northern states, and there is variation in appearance.

This wood is only paper birch, which is known for its brilliant white bark that is unmatched by any other species of birch tree.

Get birch wood delivered in St Paul, Minneapolis, Minnesota and surrounding areas, or have it shipped nationwide. These logs are cut and dried and ready for your fireplace, hearth and many other decorative uses.

Get birch logs from Paul’s Firewood.

13 thoughts on “Birch Logs”

  1. Hi,

    How much do your birch boxes costs delivered to uptown Minneapolis? Please list any price breaks for quantity.

  2. I am looking for four birch logs
    length 4-5 feet
    5″ in diameter
    need to be fairly straight
    Do have any in this size & pricing please
    Need this week

  3. I am looking for some birch logs to use as window valances. I need 2 that are 1-2in wide and 8 feet long, and 2 that are 1-2in wide and 4 feet long. Would you have these and how much would they be?

  4. I would like to get 5-7, 3-5” circumference logs of 26-30 inches in length. Is that possible? What would be the price? Shipping to West Texas. Thanks

  5. I would like to buy some Birch logs for decorative use. Can I pick them up – need by monday

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